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  1. wow! sorry you feel crummy! hope you are better soon. thanks for sharing info about this shampoo and the good advice.
  2. thanks! i always love zen poetry. it gets to the heart of the matter. i recommend the poet, Ryokan. a little book called "Dewdrops on a Lotus Leaf" is full of beautiful moments. Ryokan was a monk in 18C. Japan. Enjoy! :)

  3. the Japanese poem in your signature ...just perfect!!:>)

  4. Yes- thanks for posting about eggs. I have been thinking about the egg dilemma a lot. I used to love eggs and appreciated the less expensive/easy protein. A few months ago, my IgG testing came back with very high antibodies to all dairy, all wheat/gluten, soy and eggs. I had no idea about any of...