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  1. hi foam, thanks for documenting your story for all of us. It was an interesting read, so far. sorry to hear of all your suffering! I know your story will help others in search of clues! best wishes for your health and recovery!
  2. "But I did it--for 11 months and now, happily, I can have some cheese without any trouble. That first pizza? HEAVEN." = HOPE!!!!!!!
  3. awesome advice here. i'm going to re-read for a few new ideas myself! (junior mints!!! hooray!!) wanted to note for original post-er that you'll need to use your own condiments and keep them free from others dipping in and spreading on bread or anything else with gluten. also, have your own gluten free, dedicated toaster and pots/pans. took me awhile to figure out the condiments because my mind was a bit foggy coming off the gluten..... best wishes! feeling better is worth it, even if it's daunting at first! good luck!
  4. wow! sorry you feel crummy! hope you are better soon. thanks for sharing info about this shampoo and the good advice.
  5. ladymiss

    Holiday Successes And Failures

    thanks for posting your stories. always good to read. i had an overall good experience as my in-laws tried very hard to accommodate my needs with asking questions and buying certain things i ok'd and only cooking food for me in my pots and pans. but i realized my reluctance to talk "too much" about celiac/gluten intolerance has led to some confusion. at one point in the conversation, my MIL said 'hopefully one day you'll be healed from it'(aka you'll get over it). i was surprised and said "no, it's a genetic autoimmune disease." my SIL also wanted to know if i had been "diagnosed by a doctor" when speaking to my DH. he said 'yes' but it's not the whole story. how to answer all these questions without launching into a long explanation about why i believe this is celiac due to a combination of sleuthing about symptoms, the difficulty of testing, my test results (antibodies and vitamin deficiencies), incomplete testing (in my case), allergies, genetics (2 close relatives with confirmed celiac), return to health on gluten-free diet and decision on why not to gluten challenge for endo....blah blah blah. the truth is from where i stand i don't know 100% and yet all signs point in that direction. so i got a little frustrated.... how to deal with the questions...... sure, i know, with the truth and answers from my experience. however with a less than generous audience i feel the suspicions creeping in....if a doctor didn't diagnose you...... and here we go....
  6. i've been thinking a bit today about having perioral dermatitis. here's a few more things worth mentioning. if i remember correctly from what i had read from a few sources- there was uncertainty if PD was caused by food or cosmetic allergies or if by fungus or bacteria in immuno-compromised individuals (which would make me wonder if the latter would apply to celiacs with malnutrition/skin issues. and would be why someone might say PD is related to celiac???). the grapefruit seed extract works for clearing both fungus and bacteria. i washed my face everyday with a very mild cleanser and used a little moisturizer. and used no makeup! i also switched to non fluoride toothpaste. i changed my pillow case everyday. i was desperate to get rid of the cause!!! so from a scientific really could've been any one of these elements or all that contributed to good results, finally. i still think it was the GFS extract that did the trick. i could practically feel it working- it felt like it dried up the bumps and stopped the stinging. my PD was horrible, i had a full 'beard' of the stingy, red bumps. talk about feeling unattractive!! good luck! i hope it works for you!
  7. i had perioral dermatitis and visited my dermatologist who prescribed the usual tetracycline and steroid cream. in the end, i only took the antibiotics for 3 days because they did a number on my stomach. i read that it is hard to get off of the steroid creams so i never used them. i visited with my naturopath who suggested grapefruit seed extract. you cannot put this on your skin straight, it MUST be diluted with water according to the instructions. i put it on religiously in the morning and in the evening in the areas where i was having break outs. it took 2 mos. but the problem resolved completely. interesting to hear someone say it is related to celiac.
  8. thinking and over thinking. thinking..... -can i eat it? -what can i eat? here? now? at that store? at that restaurant? at his/her house? at the party? at the event? on vacation? on the road? in the car? as a snack? -planning ahead....hmmmm what/how/when will i be able to eat? -if i eat it, will i... be sick? from what? and for how long? will i have an allergic reaction? is my allergic reaction 'real' or psychosomatic? is the anxiety a reaction to the food i've just consumed or to the state of mind i've put myself thinking about eating the food i've just consumed.... -what will they think? im a hypochondriac? a health nut? a nut job? telling the truth? -how do i tell them i can't/won't/don't want to eat the food they've prepared? -how will i find a compromise in this scenario...(fill in the blank)....and not draw too much attention to myself, feel comfortable, help others to feel comfortable, not be rude AND find something to eat!!! too much thinking.....
  9. ladymiss

    Sarcasm About Celiac

    i know i shouldn't be, but i'm surprised that people don't read. it seems that those who are determined to believe that having gluten intolerance or celiac is a fad or some form of hypochondria , they have not and/or will not educate themselves about it. frustrating!
  10. ladymiss

    I Tried Diary Today!

    all of this courage is inspiring! maybe someday i will be able to do what you all have done. kudos and happy cheese!
  11. i envy those who say they have been cooking some really wonderful things. i hope to be in that boat someday. i just need to devote some time to cooking & experimenting.... i have yet to find out if i can tolerate dairy again.... so going with the fantasy of no ill effects- i must say that i would pay at least $100 to eat a slice of veggie pizza with lovely hot mozzarella cheese.
  12. hi all, can someone tell me if it is possible to not be celiac and still have damaged villi and vitamin deficiencies from gluten intolerance? any references available to share too? thanks!
  13. hi, i developed a peanut allergy just prior to going gluten-free. actually the food sensitivities and allergies tipped me off that something larger was at work- celiac or gluten intolerance. a time before i had the all-out peanut allergy, i had eaten pad thai and got an incredible buzz from it (just thought it was extra spicy...which it was). but looking back it was a slight adrenaline rush....maybe some histamine response before the big one? did you get any prior warning...or odd experiences before going full tilt allergic?
  14. hi miss bonnie, i've been wondering about you since i read a previous post. i don't want to say anything that seems to disregard how tough the day to day can be. it sounds hard. please try to hang in there! i do want to say, try to infuse your day with things that you love and enjoy and make you laugh. laughter is good medicine as they say.... give yourself some small, sketching, looking at beautiful art in books...or whatever it is you love. things that elevate the spirit. do something that is gratifying. doing something small but nice for someone else can help you be 'away' from your struggles for a small amount of time. maybe writing letters for Amnesty International or some other nonprofit/charity group who needs many, small actions. these could be done at your own pace while resting at home. where i live, there are a lot of mountain bikers and i like one of their analogies for staying on the course and not wiping out, "look where you want to go". it's incredibly simple....but reminds one to pay attention and focused in order to not get distracted and stay in control (of what can be controlled). Maybe we can remain focused on those things that keep us in better spirits, in between the bouts of YUCK! all the best to you! hang in there!
  15. ladymiss

    Panic Attacks

    sorry to hear about the panic attack. not fun stuff! hang in there! also- i wonder about possible new food sensitivities/allergies. i experienced this from nuts out of the blue one afternoon after a thai food lunch. it turned out to be an allergic reaction. for me these always start with an anxiety attack (the rush of histamines, as i understand it). followed by feeling freaky, tightening throat, out of it and shaking- until the benedryl sets in.