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Deanna Marie

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    Devon, UK.

About Me

2004 - milk intolerance

2005 - diagnosed IBS

2006 - GI refused to investigate, said the procedure to check my stomach was quite uncomfortable and told me it was a waste of time as I was just suffering from stress, I went away with my tail between my legs, he really made me feel like a fool.

2009 - symptoms so bad I had to stop work - diagnosed with Anxiety???!!!

2010 - elimination diet...wheat caused swollen tongue, sore throat, mild cough, dry mouth, increased thirst, teeth/jaw knumbness, difficulty breathing, light-headed, face pain, sinusitus, light/sound sensitivity, joint pain, stiffness, pins and needles, stomach tightness & related tummy problems, low-stamina, muscle-weakness, cold extremities, balance issues, depression, un-clear thinking, difficulty walking and feeling spaced-out.

2011 - taking Celiac blood test after 4 weeks eating gluten, my boyfriend doesn't care if the test is negative, he's seen the difference in me when I'm wheat free and will support my decision to remain wheat free, he is a blessing...I love you very much Dan :)

  1. I feel a little sad, but I'm glad this site exists, now I don't feel quite so alone :)

    1. txplowgirl


      I'm right there with you, hon. You will go through a grieving process and that is natural. Let yourself grieve. Hang in there and send me a note anytime. I'll help you any way I can. Sending you (((hugs))).

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