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  1. we have a large family of 8 and we all mostly eat gluten free now. (celiac always gluten free) we do most of what you all have mentioned, canning, farmers market, freezing ect. We stock up on Gluten-free products when on sale. we cook everything from scratch so it does take longer for sure, especially in our bulk load. Baking our bread helps too.
  2. Your story sounds like I wrote it. I have twins that are 26 mon and we had one dx at 23 mon. All the things you said happened to us. I have the same issues myself and also am anemic. We have noticed night and day diffrences since changing her diet. To dx her we had taken her to get a second opinion with another ped dr after frequent trips to the hospital and the last 6 months of dealing with nonstop issues. who then sent us to a ped allergist who blood tested her. We started the celiac diet a few weeks before she was tested and noticed big changes within around 2 wks of the diet. Have you tried the diet? It's a tough diet to follow at thier age, especially having a twin with no celiac problems but you will notice the change if thats the problem. we had a possitive result even on the gluten free diet. Good luck to you both. Hope you let us know how you're doing
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