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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Getting Enough Fibre.

    I have been on the FODMAP diet for a week and my bowels have really improved along with my symptoms. The medical professional that put me on the diet said that I won
  2. Pain Right Under Diaphragm

    I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago and that is were my pain was the worst before I went on GFD. It could be that area was more sensitive to the intestine bloating? I have been on the GFD over a month (just started the FODMAP diet for food intolerances) and the pain has eased off. How long have you been on the GFD?
  3. I hope you can get some answers on you pain. It never hurts to get a second opinion. Even good doctors can miss what is causing the problem. If the doctor takes offense then he is not the doctor for you. Good doctors dont mind that you are going for a second, third or more opinions. Keep us updated on your situation.
  4. Lactose Intolerance

    There can be two different responses to dairy. A simple test a doctor had me do for lactose intolerance Vs. milk allergy was first no dairy products for two weeks. Then try some lactaid milk. If no reaction most likely not allergy (If reaction might be milk allergy) then one week no dairy again then try regular milk. If reaction most likely lactose intolerance.
  5. MBK, Celiac disease or gluten intolerance is a relatively new area of diagnosis for a lot of doctors. It was not considered a grown ups disease till a few years ago. Many doctors are not trained or little training in gluten intolerance. Just look at the major celiac departments in the US, a lot have a specialists from Europe are heading them up. US medicine does not know how to follow up after a gluten intolerance diagnosis since there are no studies or guidelines. That is why I think there so many Gluten Intolerance groups springing up in the US. Many individuals want answers. Thank God for this web site. That is why your voice is so important. You have a family member and yourself to advocate for improved treatment by the US medical profession.
  6. Dennis429, I use to have a bad ache where my gallbladder use to be. Boy did it ache! One of my thoughts was it hurt because it was where I had had surgery and so it was already tender in that area. It finally has stopped hurting although I still have some stomach and intestinal pain. Does it hurt less than it did in December when you started the gluten-free diet?
  7. Kim69, Wow you went to shepherd works. Did you see Sue Shepherd? I understand she is a Celiac too. How long does it take for the fructose and Lactose breath test? Is it a particularly hard procedure? Did you get sick afterward? My dietician mentioned going to a doctor for the procedures. Just wondering.
  8. Thanks for the information! I have been trying a "gluten free" enzyme and having trouble with it. Do you have suggestions on Vitamins?
  9. Hi MsCurious. Glad you are feeling better on the diet. Sorry to hear you had a set back. I went to a dietitian recently for gluten intolerance and she showed me the FODMAP diet since I mentioned I was better but still bloated. The FODMAP diet takes in the gluten free diet plus other food triggers that can cause symptoms. I have been on the diet for a few days and I feel even better. The diet originated from Australia and information is hard to come by in the states. There is one dietitian (http://www.ibsfree.net/) in the states who wrote a book on it. There is a web site that is run by Australians and US mentors for the diet on http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/fructose_malabsorption_australia/ which requires one to sign up. The diet was founded by Sue Shepherd (http://shepherdworks.com.au/) and she works with Celiacs also. Believe it or not celiacs can have fructose malabsorption in addition gluten intolerance. The diet is very limited to begin with. Then the FODMAP diet has a elimination process to figure exactly which foods (such as lactose, fructans, polyols, galactans, fructose) we individually have a malabsorption to. Hope you feel better soon.
  10. Trish Trish, Excellent article that you posted! That did answer my question about the gallbladder
  11. Trish, That is how I felt about my gallbladder when I had it out. I knew I could not endure the pain much longer. While similar to Celiac it has a different urgency pain wise. The my belching was so bad I would be talking to my boss and I would belch involuntary in my conversation. I didn
  12. Got My Results....

    Hida test is for gallbladder function. They give you (I think) a nuclear dye that uptakes to your gallbladder. Then you sit very still under a scanner for about 20 minutes as they see how your gallbladder functions. The lower the function of the gallbladder the more likely it could be causing abdominal pain. Do you have pain under your right rib (also pain in the center)? Does the pain radiate to the back on the right side? My gallbladder was at a 10% functionality and very ulcerated once they took it out. I have notice a number of persons with celiac have gallbladder problems. I wonder it they are related.
  13. I have had hypothyroidism for many years. A forum I found very helpful was thyroid.about.com run by Mary Shomon. There are those on that site that also have Celiac since so many have both. They will let you know what to ask the doctor, what the bloods tests mean, etc. Let us know how your hashimoto
  14. I wouldn't brag that about deliberately glutening customers. He could be sued! Did anyone hear about the man that was sentenced to jail time for selling baked goods that were gluten free at a fair (that was not gluten free) I think it was North Carolina? I saw something on my news tonight about this court case. The word might get around that people will be held responsible criminally for on purpose glutening others.
  15. I have stomach bloating right under my ribs. The area where my gallbladder operation was is painful too. At lunch today I had a pain sharp pain in the bottom/ middle of my ribs then it eased off. The pain seems to be easing off slowly and overall it is getting better. It has been a month for me on the diet. I have noticed it is easier for me to do activities that require bending over. This was very uncomfortable to me before. I am glad you posted because I was wondering how long these symptoms can hang on. Was your blood tests/biopsy positve for Celiac?