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  1. *Crock pot cooked chicken breasts (frozen/fresh are both OK) in salsa and taco seasoning and a little chix stock Food for Life Tortillas Rice, brown Shredded chix Corn -Maybe another veg if kids want
  2. Thanks for these ideas!! While I feel fairly confident I'm on the right track there are so many pieces to the puzzle it's nice to some here and get some needed HELP GLad shared facilities are OK. Imagine that coud be a slippery slope. Excited to try the Ian tenders/meals and the cookie recipe. Jotted those ingredients down for our next grocery store trip. Want to keep this positive for them- Looking forward to getting to know you Ladies better
  3. Hi! Glad I found this forum. Lots of useful knowledge I've been able to seek out. Our family is my husband and I and two little girls, 2YO & 5YO. The girls are on gluten free diet and my husband and I are finishing out the "old" food (eating Cheez-Its when girls are in bed). Eventually the whole family will move to gluten-free as I've read it's possible mother/father derived. If after we try the diet for an extended period of time and its not beneficial we'll go back. We are going gluten free after a suggestion by our Pedi. Tested positive w/iigg but no other results positive. Have a couple questions I am hoping you or someone can help me with: Do we really need to replace vanilla and spices? Since we're sensitive I imagine the amounts in them are small, correct? McDonald's - Emailed them and they no longer maintain a gluten-free listing but I derived the McFlurry with M & M's would be safe. Do you agree? If something has wheat in it or shared a wheat facility we're staying away Primarily eating fruits, vegs, tacos (corn shells), beef stew, - what other meals do you typically make? Is applesauce safe? We live on apples. Bought the Pamela's pancake mix. What flour do you suggest I buy to start making my own cookies/treats, etc at home? THANKS in advance!!!
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