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  1. My depression and anxiety started over a decade ago,then I had overweight and thyroid issues. I've had an on/off earting disorder most my school years and was always skinny until the present. Years and years of therapists proved useless and three doctors said I'm bipolar and possibly OCD but the last therapist didn't see it. Not on any depression meds now and my current doctor wants me back in therapy. Like I haven't had enough, right? Doctors are a joke.
  2. I would say you more than likely have a thyroid problem and should get your levels checked ASAP. Don't know about the gluten intolerance issue,but it sounds like thyroid problems to me....I've been on thyroid meds for 3 years now and zoomed from a size 10 to a 20-22. I had problems in school,too,and at 37,still struggling to finish college. I think you will start to feel better once you're on thyroid meds and while I can't say for sure you have thyoid problems,you have a lot of hypo symptoms going on. Try the gluten-free diet and see if you feel better;I started the diet a month ago,although my GI is useless and can't diagnose me. I have not seen a huge difference,except some of the bloating is gone.
  3. I have a serious candy addiction---it's my go-to food and sometimes I eat candy in the morning,before breakfast. I know this can't be healthy or normal. I have Hashimoto's and overweight, in spite of daily regular exercise. I'm now a size 20-22 so don't know why I bother to exercise....seems like a time waster. I don't know if I eat candy for emotional or hormonal reasons,don't know. I just know I will sit and eat half a bag of candy without even realizing it or unable to stop. Besides the candy, I don't eat healthy but I'm trying to get better with this. Chex or Fruity Pebbles in the morning;veggies,baked beans or sandwich in the afternoon with dinner similiar to lunch. I've struggled with an eating disorder for years so I never learned how to eat healthy and can't spend much on food,either.
  4. I consumed a portion of a large pretzel because my GI says I don't need to avoid gluten. Had pretzel yesterday;ever since,I've experienced IBS symptoms again,crapping all over the place. Not pretty. So could the GI be wrong and I am Celiac or gluten intolerant? I suppose I will never know as I can't get diagnosed,just going by symptoms.
  5. Went to GI for follow-up after colonoscopy/upper endoscopy in March. Follow-up lasted all of 5 minutes,if that. He said colonoscopy was normal,endoscopy showed mild erosion,but that's common,so he wasn't too concerned. Said biopsies were all normal,no Celiac or gluten sensitivity. I'd told him I'd gone gluten-free and felt better and he said if I wanted to stay on diet I could,but I don't need to. I'll need acid reflux meds forever,he said. Follow-up in a year's time. The end.
  6. I am craving things,too. I'm between jobs and on food stamps,so I'm not eating very healthy-----can't really afford a lot of groceries, so I'm pretty much living off Fruity Pebbles or Chex for breakfast; baked beans and a slice or two of ham for lunch and dinner is similiar to lunch. Lots of snacks in between such as ice cream or chips.
  7. I went gluten-free a month ago after endoscopy/colonoscopy was done. No diagnosis but I went gluten--free anyway. Lost 4 pounds since then; I am now 241. Still a size 18/20 but everyone says I look good. I do exercise regularly,walk 45 minutes a day and use hand weights. I'm very fit and toned but I am retaining a ton of fluid. I was hoping to lose more than a few pounds,but I guess that's something. I go back to GI on Friday for a follow-up. He says I am so not Celiac.
  8. I'm on .88 mcg of Levo for my thyroid. I do have Hashis, dx 3 years ago. Not sure if the meds are working,though.
  9. I had the endoscopy done at the same time as colonoscopy......don't know results as I don't see GI for another month. Just know I have IBS/acid reflux.
  10. Went to my PCP today.....not sure if she's a keeper but tired of going through doctors like socks. She made a big deal out of my going back to the shrink for depression and fatigue. I've only been to about ten counselors,so sick of therapy already. She said I don't have Celiac as the colonoscopy was normal but if I felt like sticking to the gluten-free diet,go ahead. I did lose a few pounds on the scale, but she was not impressed,although I have not lost anything in years. She said my edema is from all the weight I put on and I need to lose the pounds if I want to lose the edema. My heartbeat's very irregular (was irregular at endo's office two months ago,also) so I was given an ECG. Test turned out fine so doctor said to lose weight,see a sleep specialist for the fatigue,see the shrink. Yeah, I was given an appointment for the sleep specialist. Not sure if I should go.
  11. What's the different between celiac and being intolerant? Confused. Feeling on the fence about GI....think he should have told me to go gluten-free instead of having me decide for myself. I see him next month and if I don't feel like he's helping, I'm not going back. I see PCP tomorrow to discuss current issues.
  12. Not sure if I really am Celiac or not (unhelpful GI says no) but I want to sleep all the freaking time. Can barely work or stand on my feet, bloated like a stuffed pig and weigh 240 pounds,have mouth ulcers,depression and acid reflux that was so bad, I was misdiagnosed with asthma and put on steroids that I never needed. I sleep 10 hours a night and wish I could sleep around the clock....I hate being awake. Oh yeah, I've been gluten free a week and a half and cheated once because I came face-to-face with a Wawa pretzel that I coudn't pass up.
  13. I've been having a lot of swelling and pain over the weekend. I am working at the beach and worked a lot over the weekend, putting in 8-9 hour shifts on my feet with only a 20 minute break. I've been bloated and swollen for the past 3 years but it's gotten progressively worse. Last night my hands were filled with fluid as well as my legs and feet, and could barely walk when I went home. I had a hard time sleeping as the pain was so great, and this morning I was in a lot of pain but I went to work and I barely made it through the day. I could hardly stand the pain in my legs and feet and the swelling and pain was too much for me; I could hardly walk and I was crying in pain, so my manager is cutting my hours in half and she sent me home early tonight. I started a gluten-free diet last weekend and when I weighed myself yesterday, the scale showed I'd lost 5 pounds by cutting out wheat.
  14. I've had mouth sores since my late 20's.....never went away.
  15. They look like raised red bumps, not oozing or anything. Just fat red bumps that burn.
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