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  1. Can anyone tell me which eye makeup products are gluten free and safe please? I've found some in the US (Joelle) and some Canadian (Arbonne -- very expensive), but wonder about Maybelline and Cover Girl? I've been looking at ingredients and e-mailed their sites, but haven't received anything conclusive. Anyone know anything about it? I'm a celiac and very sensitive to anything with gluten, even on my skin. Thanks for any help!
  2. Hi Pondy -- just want to let you know about a book that a friend showed me, called "Great Taste, No Pain!" by_______ Brescia. It talks about combinations of foods that don't digest well and others that do, focusing on keeping your system more alkaline than acidic. I'm trying to eat this way and am getting a bit more health in this area....and am taking digestive enzymes with meals, while taking 6 billion probiotics 2x a day and B50, with an abdominal health formula for 2 rounds to heal the villi in my intestines. I sure hope it helps me, and I hope you find your answers.
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