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  1. Thanks, everyone for all the great suggestions! I do have a different experience than a lot of people with gluten issues, I think. My symptoms don't come on in sudden, severe attacks, but build up over time. That's why it took so long for me and my doctors to figure out what the heck was going on. Once they peak, they are pretty bad, but like I said... I have no willpower! So, it's really easy for me to think I can have that one brownie, which leads to another, and then batter-fried fish a few days later, and then... vicious circle. Definitely need to keep lots of good snacks around and work on the mental imagery. Thanks, again!
  2. Seems like every gluten-free bread, cake, cookie mix I find says it takes a heavy duty mixer to make. Are there any out there that don't? I wish I had the money to invest in one, but just don't right now. All I have is a hand mixer, but it's a good one.
  3. I grew up in a strictly meat-n-potatoes family and have only made rice myself once or twice but it seems like a lot of gluten free recipes use it to replace pasta (which I'm still mourning, btw - I know there are gluten-free brands and they're pretty good, but just not quite the same... especially w/o the cream sauce! lol!). So, 2 questions - what do you like to do with it other than just having it plain and can I make a lot of it and refrigerate &/or freeze some to use ther rest of the week?
  4. Totally fell of my gluten-free diet a few weeks ago while my dad was in the hospital and dealing with recorvery. Finding gluten-free food while at the hospital so many days was pretty much impossible. I've been struggling to get back on it for a couple weeks now and not doing well at it at all. I really want to start eating small nutritious snacks every 2-3 hours rather than bigger meals. I feel a lot better when I do that and it seems like it would be easier to find those kinds of things that are gluten-free. But I have trouble finding enough variety to keep that up very long and then end up grabbing something I shouldn't. Any suggestions??
  5. Brain fog is one of my biggest issues, along with extreme chronic fatigue. Before I figured out the gluten connection just a couple months ago, I was really starting to worry that there would come a point where I wouldn't be able to function well enought to do my job. It was also the first thing I noticed an improvement in after going gluten-free. For me, I guess it's most similar to a 'stoned' feeling. It feels like my mind is working through mud or something. Someone can be talking to me and I won't be able to follow anything they're saying. Like they're just speaking gibberish or something. If I get distracted during a task, I have to really think hard to get back on track even if its something I've done a million times. I'm currently having a relapse of all of that since I've fallen completely off my gluten-free diet. Constantly reminding myself how much better I function and feel while I'm on it will be the only way to get back on track, I think.
  6. Ooh - thanks for the tips about the WalMart brand and where they're farmead! I did get this bac at WalMart, although I don't think its their store brand (not sure) so if I don't like them I'll try them from somewhere else. Do they re-heat well for leftovers? Or is it better to just make what yo're going to eat at that meal? zoogirl
  7. Wow! You guys rock! Those all sound good and like I could actually make them. Thanks!
  8. I've never cooked shrimp before but have a bag of pre-cooked in my freezer. What's something simple that can I make with it tonight? I also have brown rice which I've never made either!
  9. Thanks, everyone! Glad to know it's mostly normal and will go away. I hadn't thought of Gatorade - that's a good idea. I drink a lot of it in the summer to stay hydrated, but it hadn't occured to me that it could help with electrolytes any time. Mine do get out of whack from time to time. zoogirl
  10. I'll look for that mix. I think I've seen it at one of our stores around here. Thanks!
  11. I'll definitely try that! It wan't horrible, but just not quite right. Maybe these tweaks will make it just right. Thanks!
  12. Hmmm... tried the gluten-free Bisquick pizza crust tonight. Not too crazy about it. Everything just seems to have this same funky aftertaste to it that I can't get past. I'm going to try your idea of cutting it in half for a thinner crust though. It was really thick - maybe that will help.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions! I have some Udi's bread in my freezer that I've been afraid to try after my last few purchases and I finally found gluten-free Bisquick at the grocery store just now. So, I'm excited to try out some of their recipes. Yea! I miss my Eggo waffles in the worst way - a couple of those with some peanut butter was my go to breakfast. I'll have to give the Bisquick version a try. zoogirl
  14. Can anyone suggest good brands of gluten-free bread, pasta, and/or frozen waffles? I am ridiculously picky - always have been - and haven't been able to find any that I like at all. Plenty of other things I can eat, but it would sure be nice to find some bread-type products to have. Thanks! zoogirl
  15. Hi, all! I'm really new to the gluten-free life. Started the diet about 10 days ago. I feel a lot better which is wonderful! But I'm having a lot of headaches and also feel extremely hungry - 'shaky' even - a lot of the time even though I'm eating a lot better than I used to. I'm trying to be careful about having enough protien througout the day to keep my blood sugar up (I've had trouble with low blood sugar in the past). Is any of this normal when first going gluten-free? If so, any suggestions for how to get through it? zoogirl
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