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  1. Ditto. I also tolerate bananas much better now, if they are cooked. Just an unscientific theory, but maybe I'm much more careful now and that's why they agree with me lately. I say that because, since going gluten free I have become ultra careful to be sure that food is not only free of my personal offenders & cross contamination, but also free of bacteria. I have morphed into a mad food washer. A little gross that I honestly never thought to before, but now I scrub the crap outside of bananas before eating, and rinse thoroughly. And I seem to do so much better with them now. When you slice into a banana that has not been washed properly, and then using the same dirty hands to take it out of the peel, you really contaminate it. And even if the banana is organic, it has to be picked and processed by someone who could certainly have dirty hands, then it sits in sun with flys in a truck somewhere, open to other possibly harmful contaminates I don't even want to ponder. So maybe the cooking is killing the contaminates. Not sure, like I said, just a theory.
  2. You are so right. Same with me, positive for the gene but negative on blood and biopsy. In the same breath where she declared that I am not classified as having Celiac disease, my doctor (who is gluten sensitive herself) warned me to stay away from gluten in any form if I want to stay well.
  3. Just a thought to keep in mind that what you tell doctors goes into their notes, and that information follows you around through the Medical Information Bureau. The data in MIB is shared by all life, health and disability insurance carriers-It helps underwriters determine how much people pay for coverage. When u apply for insurance, they get your medical records. Certain diseases in your record could make you pay more-sometimes a whole lot more-celiac is serious enough to do that. Or if there's enough data, could even make you uninsurable. So may want to consider before telling a new doctor something that may not be true and will go into your record.
  4. Thanks so much for the reply! Not confusing at all! I think I'm getting the hang of it.
  5. Info in this thread is so helpful to me. I am new to all this and have been a bit confused since I tested negative to celiac disease thru blood testing and biopsy, but a stool sample showed I am gluten intolerant from one of my parents. My symptoms are all neurological, but after reading all of this I'll be doing much more reading up on how someone can be gluten intolerant and not have celiac disease. I've experienced some frightening moments myself over the last few years and while I just removed gluten, dairy and even soy from my diet a couple weeks ago, I feel like I am going through withdrawal. I have a cousin who was in rehab for drugs a number of years ago and she swears that what I am going through is the same. I didn't believe her until I came upon this post. Thanks.
  6. I'm pretty new here but have been reading a lot of these posts. I have been tested (blood and biopsy) for celiac and both were negative. But a stool sample shows that I am gluten intolerant. Appears one of my parents passed this trait on to me. I have been VERY strictly gluten free for the past two weeks, and feeling the effects of withdrawal, so I know I'm on the right track having removed it from my diet. I wasn't really shocked when I got the results of the blood and biopsy because I wasn't having intestinal trouble, just fatigue and light headed symptoms for the past number of years. But I almost fainted for real when I got the results of the other test. I thought being gluten intolerant was what celiac disease is. My doctor said not necessarily but I seem to read the opposite here. Am I just a freak????
  7. Glad to hear that this withdrawal phase won't last too long. I'm just a couple weeks into it and fairly miserable. Just keep reading the posts here and know I'm not alone keeps me going.
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