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  1. So the other day my daughter and I were food shopping and she spotted soups from Progresso that were gluten free. We got chicken, rice with veggies and chicken tuscany and chicken...
  2. Thanks so much for getting back to me. As soon as I posted my question I realized that I really did not state what bar I meant I have not heard of Mrs. May so I will have to look...
  3. Looking for a good gluten free bar for my daughter. We have tried different ones and so far we have not found one that she likes ...any suggestions?
  4. Took my daughter to the doctor's yesterday and all is going great It is such an awesome feeling to know that finally we are traveling down the right road. She has had 3 months...
  5. JosieDaisy, I also have a teenage daughter who for 4 years was misdiagnosed. She missed alot of days at school also, I, like your Mom would also tell her to try and stay longer...
  6. I am sitting here trying to decide how to start my first blog.... it is a little daunting.... I am not big on words and things to that nature but I am hoping that maybe someone...