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  1. There is a company that makes gluten-free bunny cookies, they are like the cookie goldfish they used to make (or maybe they still make them?) Anyway, they are chocholate and vanilla mixed into one box. The company is Annie's, maybe they will work on a cheese bunny. Maybe this would be a good substitute and the other kids would want his cookies?

  2. It probably is true to a degree. European wheat and or spelt does a have a lower content of gluten. But just because they were able to eat it without getting sick, it doesn't mean they aren't causing silent damage. In the beginning of my celiac I was told I culd eat spelt bread and did. If I ate one slice I was fine. But if I ate 2 slices I got the classic stomach problems. I figured out pretty quickly that it was not gluten free. By me eating one slice I was getting silent damage.

  3. My daughter had shingles when she was 10 years old. The Dr. blamed it on stress. I really don't think she had the kind of stress that would trigger an outbreak. Her pediatrician had never seen any kids with shingles. And they didn't make a child size pill back then, so she had to take a horse pill for even an adult. She really was in pain even though they were giving liquid vicodin. No one ever considered Celiac. She still isn;t diagnosed officially but follows a gluten-free diet voluntarily since she gets so sick from it.

    As for your health problems from your gallbladder being removed, I also had it set off a sleugh of health problems. Have you looked into problems with your pancreas or possibly spincter of oddi disfunction, if you continued to have pain? Lets compare notes. BTW I have been gluten-free for 22 years.

  4. Yes, I agree if your Dr. says they gotta go, they should. Unfortunately for awhile there the Dr.s were a little too eager to take them out.

    My daughter had her tonsils and adnoids taken out last summer. She was having sleep apnea issues because they were so large. It was a very miserable recovery. I begged the Dr.s for years to take them out, due to chronic strep throat. They would always say "well if she gets it one more time this year....." She hasn't gotten as sick from the flu etc, like she used to (keeping my fingers crossed). Before she got sick with everything and always had a sore throat. So sometimes it's better to have them yanked.

  5. okay so for all you experts who have this. I can't really find a list of symptoms. I have had for the last year and a

    half the following sypmtoms and procedures.

    I have severe pain on the left side just under my rib cage and a little up into my chest area (it almost feels like my

    heart). I always have the pain, but sometimes it is tolerable. When I move around remotely like sweeping, moving

    something heavy, get dressed, etc. my heart starts pounding. Not racing but pounding like it might beat out of my

    chest. Intermitent pain in my left ovary area. They thought I had ovarian cysts. That was ruled out. I keep getting

    bladder infections /UTI. Still have blood in my urine. I get light headed, (turn around to fast, stand up). I start to get

    severe pain, almost like a severe hunger pangs. I eat a whole bunch, then the pain stops for a little while, but then it

    comes back. I don't have any appetite most of the time. Yes I have lost weight and was a lean person to begin with.

    Right now I am hovering around 124 lbs, @ 5'8" female. I haven't thrown up in awhile. But I was living off anti-

    neausea pills awhile back.

    I have had my gallbladder taken out (it was full of stones).

    2 ERCPS (bile duct cut) I had a stone stuck in it. spincter of oddi dysfunction.

    1 Endoscopic ultrasound.

    I had an 8 mm kidney stone. It was blasted twice externally, once interally via my urethrea (sp)? Then they did a

    nephrotomy they basically cut a hole in my kidney and took it out that way.

    Thanks for reading my long post. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I am getting to the point of the quality of my life sucks and can't imagine living this way for another 50 or 60 years.

  6. I was a kid who suffered from illnessess too. However, I was sick my whole life until I was diagnosed at the age of 13 and a half. And even still it took me about 3 years to start feeling and looking healthy. The short of it... I was expelled from school for missing too many days. The school finally gave me a home tutor when it was too late into the school year to do any good.

    I litterally went down to the children's hospital once a week to have different tests ran. On more than one occassion the test being ran included a once an hour blood draw, for 6 hours straight. During the year long testing, they had me seeing a shrink. I was diagnosed with schoolaphobia. (My mom didn't believe it).

    My mom suggested Celiac before they started the testing, but she was brushed off because it was so "rare". When they had ran through all the other tests and still didn't have a diagnosis they decided that testing for celiac would be the last test they would do before they gave up. At this point my body was shutting down.

    They didn't have a blood test back then. So they did an endo with a camera first. Next they did an endo w/ the camera and took a sample. Supposedly the results came back "inconclusive". But my mom had me start the gluten-free diet anyway. Thank gawd for my mom. Last year I requested a copy of those medical records. My villi was completely gone in patches. But because it wasn't gone every where, it was considered inconclusive.

    That was 21 years ago. I was angry for years because I suffered for so long. I finally let go of the anger, because I decided one day that it was a waste of time holding onto it. One day you will get to that point. But it won't happen until you are ready. Good or bad, it made me who I am today. Hang in there, it will get better.

  7. I have a question for you guys. I admit I haven't read through all 70 pages, forgive me..LOL.

    My mom is following the SCD and can't find the farmer's cheese/ dry curd cottage cheese any where. She lives just South of Seattle. Does anyone have a source for it? She might be able to get the QFC to order it in for her. She would be willing to buy a case at a time etc. If you could pm with any ideas (I don't have the chance to get on here all the time) I would very greatful!

    Thanks in advance.

  8. I participated in the study a year ago. I started in Nov. had to stop Dec. 24th due to a diseased galllbladder. I found out that I was recieving the actual test drug (not a placebo) and wheat flour in capsules. I am a person who is super sensitive and reacts horribly to gluten and I DID NOT get sick! Not even once! Hooray!

    I had a three reasons to make myself a guinea pig. I was diagnosed 21 years ago and never in this life expected for them to come up with any sort of pill, shot or whatever to help with celiac. It was considered extrememly rare back then.

    * I wouldn't take any pill on a regular basis, but would like a safeguard against cc.

    * Think of all the awareness a pill would bring. (think "IBS" pills or lactose intolerance pills, etc. Most people never heard of it before there was a pill.

    * I was willing to sacrifice myself for idiots like my dad and sister (sister has since gluten-free). My dad is litteraly killing himself because he refuses to give up gluten.

    If you have any questions let me know.

  9. Richard not to be rude, but they did not used to be gluten-free. I know this for a fact. My mom called and confirmed after I spent Thanksgiving night in the ER due to the butterball turkey my grandma made for dinner. (back then we ate at 2 P.M. for holiday dinners, not sure why).

    Either way I have been gluten-free for 21 years now. I believe this happened about 18-19 years ago. I have since avoided that brand. I said several years ago they weren't okay. I haven't looked into it since, was just stating that they weren't several years ago.

    Just wanted to clear up my statement. :)

    "I know Butter Ball wasn't several years ago, they injected some gluteney juice stuff into them."

    Not true. I've been gluten-free more than 7 years and BB has been gluten-free that whole time.


  10. I have had an 11 month bout (so far) of extreme pain on the left upper ribs / chest area. It was a combo of things for me. I had a diseased gallbladder, a gallstone stuck in the bile duct and an 8mm kidney stone.

    I have had 1 surgery for gallbladder removal,

    1 E.R.C.P. to remove the stone from the bile duct, contined to have severe pain.

    1 endoscopic ultrasound (everything was normal), try this pancreatic enzyme....acid reducer...

    begged to have a 2nd E.R.C.P. (finally removed "stone that had already passed"). Still continued to have pain 5 months into the start of everything. Oh by the way, you have a kidney stone...let's send you to the urologist.

    2 seperate blastings of the 8mm stone and I still have pieces that I haven't passed "yet".

    Did I mention 5 trips to th E.R., 4 catscans, 2 ultrasounds all the while here is another script for more percocet.

    I sound like the 12 days of Christmas song...and a partridge in a pear tree.

    Sorry little frusterated here. If anyone has any questions let me know. I think I'm becoming an expert on left side rib/chest pain. :angry:

  11. I have thrown up violently as an adult from accidental gluten. To make things more fun I usually have both ends going at the same time. (TMI sorry). I end up sitting on the can w/ a trash can on my lap. I would continue to do this to the point that I was severley dehydrated, delerious and passing out. The only thing that would stop it, would be a trip to the E.R. and getting an I.V.

    I no longer have violent reactions like that (KNOCK ON WOOD!) I hope I didn't just curse myself. How I got over the severe reactions was going to acupuncture. She calmed my immune system down. Up until last week it had been 3 years since I had a cold. I always tell her she is worth her weight in gold.

    Now when I get glutened I get a slight stomach ache w/ the runs and then it is over.

  12. I was diagnosed 20 years ago, been gluten free except for accidents since. Just toady I had impressions taken today to get top dentures and partial lower dentures. My teeth continue to crumble. I used flouride everyday until my late teens. The dentist seems to think that when my adult teeth were still forming I was in full blown autoimmune atttacks from the Celiac. I wasn't absorbing much of anything. So yes it ruins your teeth.

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