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  1. So I most likely have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I just did a few more tests today to try to confirm it, and rule out Lupus. So ya, good to have an answer, but damn. Now I'm on prednisone, hydroxychloroqueine(I have something in common with Trump!) and methohtrexate. The last 2 will probably be permanent...
  2. Interesting, thank you. After I was diagnosed I took magnesium and B12, because I had weird nerve issues. Once they went away I just switched to a daily multivitamin, but maybe it's worth trying those 2 again for a boost. Nothing resolved at my appointment today, but I think I am being referred...
  3. Thanks all, Rhabdo sounds more like a muscle issue, and I haven't had any dark urine. I did a urinalysis when I was in the hospital and it was fine. I've got a phone appointment today, so maybe I'll get some more ideas. Nothing on my previous blood tests were out of line. I also take pantaloc...
  4. No, I had never heard of that. But it looks like just a collection of various things that can go on a long time?
  5. So my pain has moved on, and for the past month I've had a swollen baby toe, incredibly sore ankles, wrists, a shoulder, and my knee is swollen and popping. My doctor sent me for a bunch of blood tests, but nothing was really abnormal. No sign of gluten ingestion either. I've felt reduced energy...
  6. Thanks, good to know I'm not alone with this reaction. I've spent years explaining it to doctors and they kinda ignore it.
  7. I'll be paying more attention to the pain when it comes on to see if it is directly associated with a potential gluten event. I'm very careful, other than the gamble of going out for a meal, which is rare. I did star taking Advil as soon as it came on, and took one the morning I went skiing. it...
  8. All my life I've had this dull ache that will show up in my shoulders, usually after physical activity. It only happened once every year or 2. It lasts 1 -5 days. I was diagnosed celiac about 10 years ago and have been gluten-free since then. Last Thursday I went for gluten-free pizza at a place...