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  1. You and your husband should be tested. The 6 year old should be tested. The baby... well, that's your call, but I'd make him gluten free to be safe.
  2. Oh. That would add up to a lot of bread crumbs if they switched bread slices every day.
  3. There's a message board for topics other than Celiac.
  4. I'd really like this bread for the health bang. I always got the grainy whole wheats before the whole gluten free thing began. We had the darkest, grainiest, nuttiest whole wheat on the block.... visiting kids wouldn't touch it! I like the kinnkinnick, but am getting the mulitfiber flavor now, trying to buff up the bread. I've never seen the earth's oven brand here in the U.S....Has anyone seen it here? http://www.earthsoven.com/distributors.html Here's a link. It's not in the U.S. Bummer. I used the contact link to email them a request to make their product available on line. Hope it works. Maybe they'll get rid of the soy flour the way Kinnkinnick did.
  5. here's a family recipe. It's going to sound gross, but it's really good. EnerG crackers (the saltine ones) Cottage cheese eggs Ok. Put cottage cheese on an EnerG cracker. Put another cracker on top. Dip the cottage cheese cracker sandwich into beaten eggs (both sides) Put on a buttered (or Pam'd) frying pan. Cook covered for a bit. Flip it. Cook uncovered for a bit. Remove and eat. SOOOOO good with a hot cup of tea. My mother was a German (I believe to this day that she's actually a Jew and my grandfather decided it was best to be "German" when they got out of Germany a few weeks before Hitler went nuts. I asked her if she was actually Jewish in my 20's and she said all she knows is her father would say, Your a GERMAN. Leave it alone!) anyway, they lived in a Jewish neighborhood in New York City and my grandmother was very ill. So the Jewish ladies cared for my mom and always made her this "sandwich" on Matzo type bread... When she had us, she used Saltines becasue they were smaller for our small hands to hold onto. So, it's a family tradition. I was so bummed when my youngest was dx with celiac disease. I actually cried and was sad because I didn't know how I'd make him these without saltines. My kids LOVE these. It's one of the reasons we're Dairy LITE and not dairy FREE. I hope we never have to go completley dairy free!!!!
  6. I can't find anything in the ingredient list that looks like gluten. I guess General Mills is coming out with a mini-line of gluten free junk food cereals? It was funny because we were walking down the cereal isle where we would typically buy NOTHING and my celiac kid reaches down, picks up the box of Neopet Cereal and says, Hey I think this is gluten free. Just like that. And I looked... and it was! I was like... ok.. that was weird. He just knew...
  7. was that title clear? Kinnkinnick rep called me back and figured out why the total for the order wasn't the same as the charge for my credit card. The web master, site controler guy needs to fix it so that when an item is on sale, it will show the sale total on the credit card total. Currently, it only shows the total price with sale deductions in the TOTAL for order column.... not the TOTAL CHARGED TO CREDIT CARD column. So, she said there's a double check before they charge the card and it would have been caught, but it's confusing on the site for sure and will be fixed. I had posted this problem during the week but wasn't able to locate that original thread.
  8. Wow... Tiffany covered it all! Ok, lift weights. That's all I got. Don't go all muscle-mama, lifting 30lb weights...just go for the 3 lbs to start.. or 5 lbs... whichever you feel comfortable with . Step up and down off of your back step if you can't afford leg weights or a machine. Just bend a bit and use those muscles. Or hold on to a couple of cans of beans for weights. Or lift sand buckets of toys. Seriously. Back in college I lifted bean cans because I couldn't afford weights... For every bag of junk food you don't buy, pocket the money and you'll be able to afford some cute weights from Walmart in no time. Or a weight machine. I got my first weight machine from a Walmart 5 years ago for only $150. Got the most buff I'd ever been with that one machine. You can do it too. Machines are nice, but little hand held ones are best for sitting and watching tv. And those little ankle ones are great for laying down and lifting your legs while watching tv. I like All my Children... ok?!
  9. http://www.celiac.com/st_main.html?p_catid...-02106553569.37 This link will take you to the safe and forbidden lists. Print them out and take them shopping with you. www.kinnikinnick.com has fantastic foods. White bread is great, donuts are great, bagels are great, pizza crusts are great, k-toos are great, chocolate chip muffins are great. Ordering is easy and a flat $10 shipping charge applies on all orders up to $200. Very reasonable! I bulk order to save on shipping and keep the extras in the freezer. You will find that Outback Steakhouse and PF Changs have gluten free menus. You have to ask for the menu when you're dining. They're very good with the gluten free menus McDonald's fries and shakes are gluten free. As are their hashbrowns and coffee. You will have to do a lot more cooking, though. Nathan's famous franks HAVE gluten. Almost all other hotdogs are gluten free. You have to learn how to read lables and look for the gluten. It doesn't usually say "gluten", but more and more companies are using the word, so it's getting easier. read every label, every time. Use your safe and forbidden lists and keep asking here if a product you want to eat is safe. We know just about all there is to know between all of us. And if you're paying out of pocket for a nutritionist... you may want to just post questions like a fanatic here and see if we can save you the trip and the money.
  10. http://www.answers.com/topic/lactic-acid I see. It's in the dairy products, but they don't use it as a source. OKAY....... So, they want to use this lactic acid as a wash on meat to kill deadly bacteria... glad I went vegetarian this week.
  11. Ok, I'm on a mission to go corn light and I don't know how a person actually rids their diet of corn. Good luck, Rachel. Today began with olive oil for frying eggs (not pretty) and just went from bad to worse. It's worse than gluten. I was aiming for "corn light" because we don't have a corn problem. But I was thinking that the over-use of corn in our diet may eventually CAUSE the problem. I got the feeling reading your posts, Rachel, that you ate a LOT of corn products in the past.... so do you feel that having a diet high in corn contributed? or do you feel that you ALWAYS might have had this as the underlying problem? This has been a crazy year in our house with the food. Gluten is WAY easier to get rid of than soy and, let me say, soy was DIFFICULT to get rid of... but corn! I also read that they're experimenting with putting lactic acid in meat to kill ecoli and some other nasty bugs. Would that mean that meat treated with lactic acid would be bad for those with dairy problems? The article was on my homepage, but my homepage doesn't let me copy/paste/or take a link with me for sharing. Very annoying. I tried to find the article which is an AP article for anyone interested, but ran out of time to find it as the kiddies wanted dinner.
  12. I don't get it. Doesn't it get moldy? I don't consider myself much of a cook, so I may not be familiar with this... Is it like putting rice in a salt shaker? I have brown sugar in my cupboard that's been there for a year. It's fine without a piece of bread in it.
  13. Getting the tests to Americans will probably take awhile. A lot of time will be spent/wasted trying to figure out how to market the product to us, how much to charge, and other money making schemes before they'll agree to release it to the American public. That whole thing with the drug companies trying to get the fda to disallow bio-identical hormones from compounding pharmacies really shows how low those drug companies will sink to keep every potential penny.
  14. http://www.innovations-report.com/html/rep...port-58210.html
  15. Nini, Congratulations! That's damned impressive!
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