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  1. Since it sounds like you will be in New York for 2 meals, it would be reasonable to eat at least one of those meals at a gluten-free friendly restaurant. Your friend may not be used to the idea of you needing to be gluten free. For some of my family (like my in-laws) it took a long time for them to adjust to the idea of choosing a restaurant based on this new criteria. Saying that, I love visiting New York because I feel they are used to dealing with such diverse people with diverse allergies and health needs. This is a list of restaurants I have compiled so far, some of these restaurants are in the location you will be in. I have been to Nizza's and did not have any issue. I also Love Love Love 5 Napkin Burger-- the burgers are amazing and I am a french fry addict. Anyplace that has a dedicated fryer is awesome to me! My family knows if we go to NY that always means at least one trip to 5 Napkin Burger! Bloom's Deli --Lexington & 40th (midtown) Nizza restaurant 45th & 9th (Hell's Kitchen, near times square) 5 napkin Burger (the best ever!!!) Risotteria: 270 Bleecker st between 6&7yh Avenue on corner of Morton street (Greenwich Village) Bistango (Italian) Pala (pizza & pasta) Caracas Arepa Bar Blue Smoke (midtown) Friedman's lunch Bloom dujoir ( upper west to eat in or midtown for take out or lower manhattan Energy kitchen Lilli's 57 (Asian/Sushi)
  2. Just an FYI, I believe Good Seasons changed their formulation, and I am not sure exactly when. I do not believe this product used to have wheat in it but it does now. So for anyone who has been routinely using this and thus stopped looking at the label, it is no longer gluten free.
  3. I think gastroenterologists feel differently about this and most do not necessarily request another scope and biopsy, especially if the antibody levels are falling or test negative. I did get rescoped at a year (my request) and although I wasn't completely healed I went from Marsh 3-c to Marsh I-II. I also did not get symptoms prior to diagnosis but I sure do get symptoms now when I get contaminated.
  4. i was a pizza snob before celiac and certainly no pizza i have ever come across since gluten free has even come close to the awesomeness of a thin crusted pizza. Although I still eat gluten free pizza it is not the same experience.
  5. I have been searching for a good bagel since being diagnosed with Celiac and they all have been very disappointing. I had given up until a local bagel store began carrying bagels from Sweet Note Bakery. These taste like a bagel!! A little bit dense but this bakery nailed the taste. On the Sweet Note website, they will list locations that carry their bagels, does not look like you can buy them direct. If you have been searching for a good bagel, I highly recommend you try these!
  6. NARS is a full line of makeup, all of it gluten free. Sold at some department stores and some specialty makeup stores like MAC
  7. Depending on where you live there may be better options or depending on how much you are willing to spend. I also am not a fan of Udi's so much, it does the job. Schar is vaccuum packed and not frozen when you buy it and I like their "sandwich bread" (not a full replacement for rye bread but good for deli sandwiches). I think their hotdog buns are slightly better then Udi's . There are also gluten free bakeries that will ship bread. One is evaruths.com located in Middletown, Rhode Island. I have had their onion dill and their whole grain bread. They are probably the best gluten free breads I have had. Another place is westmeadowfarm.com from Vermont. Their bread is good. They make something called a donut muffin that is phenomenal! It tastes similar to a cinnamon sugar donut but in a muffin form. This donut muffin has been enjoyed and a preferred food choice for even the non celiacs in my house. The donut muffin may not be on their website but you can order it, comes in 3 sizes, you can call or I think email them. There have been other gluten free bakeries I have tried that I did not like at all so they aren't all equal. I also think the Whole Foods near us makes a decent bread called prairie bread but very dense, taste is good. As I have experimented with different breads, I think they all end up with a sort of similar taste. The longer you go gluten free, I have found the less you remember about regular bread and so your taste buds aren't as discriminating, meaning you start to find that some of the gluten free products you thought were not good become "better". And bagels will never be the same, you can't expect to find one you will like if you constantly compare it to bagels with gluten. The best I found were a brand where you actually had to bake them in the oven for 20 minutes or so but had to eat it right away and I am sorry to say I forgot the name of the brand. I have not tried Against the Grain bagels but heard they were decent. Good luck in your search!
  8. Looked all of these up, thank you for the great tips. Will make it a little easier to eat out.
  9. Appreciate everyone's suggestions. Thank you!
  10. I will be camping (well, a cabin in a campground) in Watkin's Glen, NY this summer for about 5 days. We will probably bring a lot of food and not eat a lot of meals in restaurants but just thought I would see if anyone knows of some safe places to eat? They should be somewhat family friendly ( I have 2 tweens who so far do not have celiac thankfully). And, if you also want to suggest some fun activities that would also be great! Thanks!
  11. I would love an update about gluten free in Israel after everyone's trip. Any tips? Special restaurants not to go to or make sure I get to?
  12. Unfortunately they closed on May 7th. And even more unfortunately they closed their Ocean City,NJ location (it was great to have gluten free option on the boardwalk).
  13. Udi's recently came out with a new bagel called Mighty Bagel. I thought it was really good. Of course the texture not quite the same as the gltuen counterpart but taste was really good. It contains 8 grams protein and 3 grams of fiber too.
  14. I have IgA deficiency. In general population, the prevalence is about 1/500 however in celiacs there is a much higher prevalence. For a lot of labs, they automatically check your serum total IgA levels if the tTG IgA is negative to make sure it isn't a false negative. If Total serum IgA is low or absent, they automatically run a tTG IgG. I happened to know about my IgA deficiency before being tested for celiac. Most people with IgA deficiency don't know they have it and are asymptomatic.
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