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IgA Deficiency age 9

Osteoporosis Diagnosed at age 40 (12/2010)

Celiac 12/3/2011 (Positive blood work and biopsy)

  1. I would love an update about gluten free in Israel after everyone's trip. Any tips? Special restaurants not to go to or make sure I get to?
  2. I found this line at the Wholefoods near my house and love it! I just tried the Kinky Curly custard which makes my curls look great. Thanks for the tip. GfreeMO-- The Original Sprout Products look great but having a harder time finding them. Thanks for the tip! During this process of searching...
  3. Thank you. I looked them up online and I will look for them at Whole Foods.
  4. I appreciate everyone's suggestions so far. I was using Redken's Fresh curls line and more recently got into Devacurl line. My hair is larger curls but can frizz some. I am looking to stay with products that are silicone free. If anyone is still using products with wheat and not having a problem...
  5. I am looking for advice on gluten free hair products, specifically for curly hair. All my hair products currently contain gluten. I don't ingest them but I am worried about cross-contamination from touching my hair and then eating something with my hands. Although I wash my hands a lot to try...
  6. I joined Weight Watchers October of 2007 and lost 50+ pounds and have kept it off. Then I was diagnosed with Celiac 12/1/2012. I still follow weight watchers and keep track of my points. It is very doable since you make all your own food choices. I have gained about 6-8 pounds since going gluten...