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  1. Raven815

    Swedish Fish

    The red food dye scares me. Laura
  2. Raven815

    Is This Common?

    Hi there, I have an opposite story. My Mom has had celiac for about 30 years and for a long time she has nagged me...
  3. Raven815


    I am celiac (gluten-free) AND vegetarian. Imagine all of the fun stuff (not) I get to listen to. Double whammy. ...
  4. Raven815

    6 Months Gluten Free 35Lbs Lost

    Your skin looks amazingly better. You're a hottie! Good job. Laura
  5. Raven815

    For Cat Lovers

    That was so cute. Thanks! Here's another hilarious one: Go to YouTube and look for "Sylvester, The Talking Cat". ...
  6. Raven815

    New Diagonsis, New Diet

    (((Hugs))) Love, Laura
  7. I forgot to mention that I have had issues with my pancreas off and on over the years and my liver enzymes are ALWAYS...
  8. NST, Hi there and welcome. I am by no means an expert and just having found out I am celiac, I am still learning...
  9. Raven815

    Glutino Products & Iodine Issues

    Squirmingitch, What can I say, but, I LOVE YOU!!! I was just thinking about throwing away any munchies with salt...
  10. Raven815

    Got Biopsy Results, Need Opinions.....

    OK, I'm going to see my PCP on Friday. I'll ask for copies of all of my test results. Laura
  11. Raven815

    Got Biopsy Results, Need Opinions.....

    Hi Squirming, This biopsy was sent to the University of Illinois. That's all I know. Do you want me to find out more...
  12. I am a vegetarian who doesn't eat eggs or cows milk. I still eat cheese, unfortunately. I would like to get off of...
  13. That's why I don't watch his show anymore and I had such high hopes for it. He is too vague on any subject he talks...
  14. Raven815

    2Nd Opinon On Biopsy

    Hi Jane, I know for a fact that there is a "Celiac Center" at the University of Chicago. I may go there myself with...
  15. I don't know, but I am 49 years old, just dx'd and I had triple bypass heart surgery at 42 years old. Coincidence? ...