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    God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, my beloved Mary-Hannah, learning new things, origami, puzzles, math, computers, video games, movies books, crafts, building things...basically: at least a little bit of nearly EVERYTHING.
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  1. BIO 180 final today and CSE 143 final tomorrow! Prayers would be much appreciated ^_^

  2. For those of you who haven't heard yet, I was accepted into the Computer Science and Systems Bachelor's Degree Program at UW Tacoma!!! :D I will be accepting their offer and hopefully starting classes over there this coming winter quarter. I'm very excited and thankful for this opportunity and also appreciate everyone who's supported me in my education thus far :). Your good wishes are always a huge blessing. Thank you.

    1. 1desperateladysaved


      Are you well?  How is Mary-Hannah?


  3. I really love talking and praying with my beloved ^-^

  4. Lotsa drama on campus today

  5. I'd like to take this moment and thank God for dentists who are good at their job :)

  6. Me and Mary-Hannah watching "Pride and Prejudice" today: *le Mr. Wickham makes his appearance* Me: YES. HIM. HIIIIIMMMMMM. GIRLS. HEY, GIRLS. GIRLS GOOD IDEA. GIR-HEY! GIRLS BEST IDEA EVER. THIS GUY. THAT ONE. THAT GUY. PICK HIM. HIM. MARRY HIM ASAP. Mary-Hannah: Yeah, I hate him. Me: *o*...... D: *le move progresses* Me: .............he's a pedophile..........*endless palmfacing* T-T

  7. WOOOOOOH!!!! I totally forgot how invigorating lightshows can be....... x.x I'm so hyped up now haha

  8. I love making babies smiles -u-

  9. That was a fantastic nap.....

  10. lol rickrolled on x-factor XD

  11. I really love my beloved <3 she's so amazing :)

  12. Wanting To Support My Beloved.

    haha a bit late for the favorite foods, but I really loved being with you guys on thanksgiving : ) I had a wonderful time with Mary-Hannah and the rest of you guys can't wait to see you all again!
  13. Hey everyone, I just wanted to post an update on me and my beloved. I went to go see her and her family for about 5 days, over Thanksgiving day and weekend, and just got back yesterday. We had a very wonderful time together and she's healing up and finally feeling much better than she was : ) <3. Everything at Thanksgiving dinner and every other meal was completely gluten-free and she and her mother had also been experimenting a little with gluten-free baking also...and I got to try some gluten-free cereal haha. It all went very well. One aspect of the last night was somewhat humorous though. Her brother had offered to take her and I out for ice cream or hot chocolate after we picked her up from work. We were planning on watching a movie back at their house after we got home, and had picked up some drinks for us. I'd gotten me and my beloved something to share since she usually doesn't snack or drink pop all that much. While we were in the restaurant, her brother got a giant order of fries and offered them to both of us; she refused for obvious reasons, and then I refused because of wanting to support her with it, and then also to avoid cross-contamination later, if she ended up drinking from the soda I got for us. Turns out, we shared it a lot! hahaha XD. It was an interesting first experience for me to have to be cautious about that and working together for her health. I'm sure it will be invaluable in the future, as well as a fond memory of caring for her and loving her in that way ^ _ ^ . Thanks for everyone who's been offering advice and support to me and her in all of my posts! I look forward to sharing more about our journey through life with this and learning even more. God Bless, -Dré Rosales
  14. CSE 143 midterm today :) not too worried but prayer wouldn't hurt, in fact it'd be much appreciated! ^-^

  15. best $100 I've ever made -u-