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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Thanks so much for you reply! My doctor told me it was Eczema...but I'll still check out those forums for sure. It doesn't sting, itch, or have blisters. Basically, my face is just very dry and it gets red and forms tiny little bumps in between my eyebrows, the sides and beneath my nose and my chin. So, do you think it started as a reaction to all the gluten still coming out of my system?
  2. Mysterious Glutenings

    I know what you're saying about the soy...BUT there is an article on Celiac.com that talks about how if a product is not "certified gluten-free" and it has soy in it, then it's not safe. This is not because of the soy itself, but because the soy is contaminated with gluten...because it's grown in the same fields as most grains and wheat, transported on the same tractors, processed in the same facilities, etc. The article says that a study tested and found up to almost 3,000 parts per million of gluten in products that were supposedly/labeled as "gluten-free" (20 ppm or less is considered gluten free). So, apparently we can only trust products that contain soy if they are "certified gluten-free", which promises that the product was batch tested or that the soy was grown in a safe place, etc. Just a thought....I've been so overwhelmed by this too :/. Ugh... just found out in October and I developed Eczema AFTER stopping the gluten and soy. I've never had it before, and it won't go away! Why?!!
  3. Hair Salon...gah!

    Sounds to me like you definitely need to avoid the gluten. One thing I read was that soy is a BIG time contaminator. Are you eating soy still? In a study that tested supposedly "gluten-free" products (but did contain soy) they found that some of the products had up to almost 3,000 ppm of gluten! (when less than 20ppm is supposedly considered gluten-free!). They determined that soy is typically grown in the same fields as wheat and other grains, transported on the same tractors, processed in the same facility, etc. etc., so the contamination can be awful! You may already know this...just thought I'd mention it
  4. Hi everyone...I'm desperate for answers. I was diagnosed at the end of October. About 3 weeks AFTER I cut out the gluten, I developed Eczema on my face. I also cut out all soy, as I learned soy often has very high levels of contamination. I have never had Eczema before now...and it's only getting worse . I've heard that after you cut out gluten symptoms can sometimes get worse before they get better. However, my symptoms (hives, bloating, lethargy) have gone away. Has anyone else experienced Eczema after the fact? (or any new symptoms?). I feel so discouraged and don't know who to turn to anymore :/. Thanks...
  5. Had Spices On Fish. Not Sure If Safe....

    I'm curious- what do you mean by "[color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif][background=rgb(226, 234, 246)]what ingredients were most important in the vitamins i should start supplementing with as well." What did the nurse tell you? I have horrible eczema that started AFTER I stopped eating gluten (once diagnosed with Celiac in October). I'm so scared it won't go [/background][/font][/color][font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"][color="#282828"]away :/[/color][/font]
  6. totally going through the same thing! I was diagnosed in early November and my bloating has just settled down. two thing that I would say (in case you don't already know): avoid soy at all costs . it is one of the biggest contaminates . I read a few studies where they tested products that were supposedly gluten free. they found that the products contained almost 3000 parts per million!!! 20 ppm is typically considered gluten free. If the product has been certified gluten free, and contains soy, then it is safe . I thought I was Gluten-Free for awhile, and then found out about the soy. The second thing I would.'re commend is a cleanse/detox program. I really enjoyed the Clean Program (thecleanprogram.com). this will.be a good way to reintroduce things in your diet and find out what else your' 're sensitive to. I've developed Eczema since I've stopped the gluten etc. . I don't know what to do, or if it will go away
  7. Wow... I'm sooo sorry to hear that!!! You may have already done this, but have you done a serious change in your diet? I mean, like more than just stopping the gluten (AND soy... It's THE BIGGEST contaminator! Seriously.)...? I just finished the Clean Program. Seriously- it's amazing. Go to thecleanprogram.com, and read about it all. I did not buy any of the products they sell. You can do it all w your own products (which I can tell you about). The program has you eat specific foods, and avoid all of the allergen producing foods. It allows your body/system to reset, and then detox. Like some of the others have said, it's a way to find out what other things you may be reacting too. Again- you may already know all of this, or have tried an elimination diet, etc. Just thought I'd mention this one, along w the soy issue. Also- are you taking an antihistamine of any sort? I had full body hives for the past year (prior to finding out I had Celiac). A specialist I saw told me it was perfectly safe to load up on antihistamines to "retrain my body to stop producing histamine". So, I took Allegra 180 3-4 times a day. It really helped them to stop. Have you seen an allergy/asthma specialize? He/she might be able to tell you more. I will want to help you! I called myself Quasimodo because I was so deformed that I couldn't leave the house either :/. I wanted to know- what is "tonne", that you said you ate for 2 months?
  8. I'm really hoping someone can explain to me WHY I got Eczema when I stopped the gluten...?? I've never had it before now. I was just diagnosed w Celiac in October, and in November I developed Eczema all over my chin, upper lip, nose , and part of my forehead . Does anyone know why? AND, will it go away???
  9. Hi! After reading your post, I was doing a little researching about your painful acne. I've been dealing w eczema, and I don't really understand why....really hoping it will go away :/. Anyway, you may have already figured this out, but do you think the acne really could be "Dermitis Herpetiformis"? Sounds like its pretty painful
  10. I think I've read that the less sensitive people will have less damage. If the damage were occurring, then your husband would know because he wouldn't be absorbing all of the nutrients, because the villi would be destroyed. For example, my iron levels were very low. Think that's what you mean....?