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  1. I would go gluten free first and processed food free..not the sugary/gluten frees stuff. I have felt better than I had for years..stomach issues disappeared, joint pains gpne, I still struggle wth hashimotos and need to buckle down and probably do dairy free, but have not yet. Read on Mark Hyman...
  2. Oh my gosh..you are suffering. Find a good functional dr, that will take your whole self into the picture. I went gluten free about 4 years ago, but replaced all the reg. food with gluten free food..bread, cookies, cereal etc...then I went to preventative cardiologist, and she told me its the sugars...
  3. I have struggled with acid reflux..the silent type that causes a chronic and annoying cough. I have gone through allergy testing, my great functional Doc was stumped..thought allergies..I am almost 100 % sure its caused from my thyroid. I had graves for 7 years, then found this great dr, am now...
  4. I too am struggling with something. I have had thyroid disease now for may years between graves and hashimotos..have had chronic cough off and on for 10 years. I am gluten free and try to eat whole foods, but slip in pepsi and some sugar.i feel like its tied to thyroid, but drs don't want to hear...