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  1. Yeah but would just an intolerance problem drop me down from a size 8 to a size 0 in about a years length of time? I mean could I be THAT intolerent even without Celiac? I guess I'd prefer that cause then I won't have to worry as much about the cross contamination thing but...just wondering.
  2. Yeah it was just an ANA that was run I remember her saying an ANA and they were saying no indication of Celiac from the ANA, but then I just called and insisted that someone leave an urgent message for my Endocrine doc about this and they sent her a priority email saying I want to be specifically...
  3. I just called the actual hospital that did some tests. The nurse says there's no indication of it cause they did do some sort of check for anti bodies but I didn't hear her say what tests they did. I know that when I asked the nurse at the office I just called she said that I didn't have the panel...
  4. When I talked to the nurse today I asked her if any tests were run for this, she said no. Then I got a call from a different doctor (GP) who said that she did run tests for this (though when I was at the appointment she didn't say she was running a test for this she just said something about...
  5. I just got a phone call (and it took her long enough as I called for the results last week of this test) that it says I do not have celiac....but there is a chance of a false negative right? See here's my problem. I am way too skinny....WAY too skinny. If my problem isn't Celiac because...
  6. Doctors are like SURE I have this, they are just going to do a biopsy to confirm in 9 days. I show ALL the symptoms and everything. No one told me what any of this meant til I googled it but I am SO BAD at this point (I am severely underweight and all that) that I am going to just put myself on the...