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  1. There is a lot of bad science out there, but one theory that shows promising results for validity is that “caloric restriction”, which usually results in a low body weight, is strongly correlated with longer life. So be happy! Why in the world would you want to gain weight when most of the world is ...
  2. Hospitals are notorious for glutening their patients. It has happened to me several times. The most recent was two years ago. I went to a very high-end hospital for an appendectomy. They sent a nutritionist to talk with me for an hour, put a special bracelet on me so all the staff knew I had...
  3. There is a procedure called fecal transplant, that is considered highly effective for most of your conditions. Unfortunatly, it is not approved for use in the US for any problem except for C. Difficile. There are places is Argentina and Brazil that do it, and they are very modern and oriented to...
  4. Well, you can probably get an apple or something. You might be able to get someone to boil you some eggs. But be careful of things like nuts that should be naturally gluten free. They have almost always been soaked in a flavor solution that usually containes caramel coloring, "soy" (wheat) sauce...
  5. Are you kidding? Celiac disease (and gluten) are not very well known here in Beijing.