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  1. Y'know, I had a lot of trouble and different answers from different representatives when I contacted them a while back. Here's a link to the posting I did about it: http://www.glutenfreeforum.com/lofiversion...php/t11086.html Never did get a definitive response from them. Also, I think most of MAC's lip products are gluten-free. I would call the company to see which ones, but I've been using their Lip Glass for a while now and have never had problems (and it's great). Good luck!
  2. If you're looking for specific information from Chanel, I would call them. They verified the gluten-free status of a few products for me quite some time back, but I had to tell them specifically which product (including shade). If you're looking for higher-end cosmetics with a more standardized response to the gluten question, I've had no issues (yet) with MAC's lipglass. Other products gluten free cosmetics: MAC is not all gluten-free. BELOW is confirmed gluten-free 5/2006 by phone. All others call 1-800-588-0070 Bronzing Powder (Except any color containing 'Refined' in the color name) Cheek Powder Blush Iridescent Loose Powder Studio Finish Powder Concealer Select Moisture Cover All eyeshadows (Except the ones with the Luxe Texture) Eye PigmentLiquid Eye Liner Regular Eye Pencil Powerpoint Eye Pencil Eye Kohl Pencil Mascara X ProLash Mascara Lipglass Lip Pencil CremeStick Liner All Lipstick (Except for any Texture Amplified Creme and Vitamin E stick) All Nail Lacquer Makeup Wipes _______________________________________ NARS Cosmetics -- NARS does not make any products that contain gluten 6/06 _______________________________________ Smashbox Cosmetics From: "Studio Specialist" studiospecialist@smashbox.com The following contain nuts, soy or coconut: Photo Finish Foundation Primer That's a Wrap Mascara Emulsion Lip Exfoliant Layer Lash Primer Lip Prism Our products do NOT contain: GLUTEN WHEAT or OATS DAIRY/CASEN CORN
  3. I don't understand why some people are so defensive about Celiac disease... it's so weird. I agree that you should write a letter if you feel able to. That experience sounds terrible (and I'm so sorry)... it may be one of those things where she doesn't realize how incredibly hurtful that was, and she is un-educated about Celiac disease. Taking a bit of time to calmly explain what you've been through and why her words were so bad could really help her (to not suck so much).
  4. 1. If she's pre-diabetic, letting her eat gluten could make her real-diabetic (which would probably be even harder). I'm not trying to sound judgemental... we grew up poor, and I remember how hard it is to find food. Are you eligible for food stamps or something along those lines? 2. When I was diagnosed, I lived off of VERY little money (I still don't have too much). I've lived off of almost nothing but beans and rice for an entire week. 3. I almost never get the "special" gluten-free foods. I eat a lot of beans, rice, potatoes, and you can roll just about anything up in a corn tortilla (Mission white corn I think are still gluten-free). Tuna is good, usually safe, and cheap from a health food place. If she can drink milk, that's usually pretty cheap as well. Stew is great, and super-easy (toss browned meat, garlic, and salt and pepper into a big pot with lots of water; boil for several hours). You can pour that soupy-stew over rice and potatoes and make the meat stretch. Gluten free pasta is a somewhat reasonably priced for an occasional normal-feeling "treat". For a dessert, I sometimes make rice with milk, sugar, and butter. It's a bit like oatmeal or hot cereal. Hopefully, some of those ideas will help with dealing with the cost. If you need more, feel free to PM me, I'm sure I can think of some more stuff. Good luck, it sounds like a lot for you to be dealing with.
  5. I've had asthma almost my entire life, and it improved a lot after going gluten-free (even though I was too weak to work out much and got totally out of shape). Could definitely be Celiac related.
  6. Hey Ben, I'm not a skateborder either, but no one else posting in here seems to be either. There's so much cross-contamination in your NonSkateboarders-Free thread here! I used to skate back in junior high...I'd love to find my old board and try it out again. The skate tour with your church sounds rad... have fun if you go!
  7. Hey all, I'm up in Northern OC as well. Been gluten-free for almost two years now. And... not to sound like an uninformed Orange County-er, but what is Skosh Monahans?
  8. I self-diagnosed, and I've seen a few problems with it. Some of them have been resolved, but I am trying to get a diagnosis now (based on past history and gene testing). In my personal opinion... if you can get into a doctor in the next few days--you might save yourself some problems later. You may want the diagnosis later and not be able to get one. It totally depends on which decision you will feel most comfortable with. A lot of people have no problems at all without a formal diagnosis or even prefer it; I'm not one of them. These are some of the issues I've had: 1. People were less willing to believe me or take the disease as seriously as I need them to. 2. Even though I had symptoms that were severe, and lessened immediately on the diet, I still never was ENTIRELY sure. There were times when this type of doubt would really bother me. 3. In college (as in other places), asking for special accomodations is often nearly impossible without a formal doctor's diagnosis. 4. For example, when trying to get additional loan money because my food expenses increased and I was too weak to work... I couldn't without that formal diagnosis. 5. If my doctor had seen bloodwork/a biopsy that indicated celiac disease, it would be less work to get tested for associated problems; my doctor would take my knowledge that I had celiac disease more seriously (because he would have been the one to tell me. It sucks to stay on for a few more days (and I wouldn't advise doing it for much longer than that)... but it could be really helpful. Good luck deciding.
  9. Welcome! (to the disease and the board). It definitely feels overwhelming at first, but the change in health is huge. It's scary now, but after a while, it totally becomes second nature. Lakefront's New Grist beer is quite good (even my non gluten-free friends like it). If you're around a Whole Foods, their "Gluten-Free Bakehouse" line is my favorite for bread. I like to use a lot of rice and potatoes more than gluten-fakes... it's much cheaper. Hope everything goes well with your transition. Good luck!
  10. It may actually help you in the restaurant dept. I have a vegan friend who always used to tell servers that he had allergies to meat/milk/eggs to keep his food safe. Saying you have "severe reactions" (or what have you) to some foods might give you some legitmacy instead of them thinking of you as a picky eater. And you don't really have to clarify which foods give you Celiac troubles and which are an ethical choice. Just a thought.
  11. Not quite as exciting as Ghiradelli, but Enjoy Life Foods makes chocolate chips that are gluten, dairy, and soy-free. Dedicated gluten-free facility, and free of the other top 8, too (including eggs). They're the only chocolate I can eat nowadays, but they're pretty good.
  12. Oooh, something new to try! How exciting. (As a pointless side note, I love Disaronno's commercials. They totally did their marketing job and made me want to try it).
  13. What a funny idea... every product. And... goodness and gracious, that's a terrible response from a company. What doctor wants to spend their time writing product inquiries to different companies? Heck, I don't even like to do it. Thanks for the Bonne Bell information, too. It's nice to know they're so good about it all.
  14. That's awesome! It's so nice to watch awareness grow, even in the two years since my diagnosis. It's going to help a lot of people, hopefully.
  15. That's the one reason I don't work in a restaurant (my roommate does and her tips are incredible).
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