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  1. I had roux and y gastric bypass 14 plus years ago. Was having trouble with iron absorption around year 8. All Drs I saw said it was just gastric bypass causing issue. A few years later started having issues with high liver enzymes. After years of Drs trying to figure it out a smart dr at mayo figure...
  2. I am curious too. Unfortunately I do not get a reaction when I eat gluten (my body reacts in different ways-high liver enzymes etc) so I am nervous to eat foods that may be an issue. I was wondering if folks that have reactions can tell if they are okay or not cause I miss them too.
  3. I can tell you without a doubt that gluten can impact liver enzymes. I had major issues with high liver enzymes for years. They finally figured out I have celiac disease via blood testing. They told me to make sure to continue eating gluten prior to the endoscopy so of course I ate a ton of gluten...