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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. What Do I Feed My Wife?

    Thanks for all the comments. I looked at the dinner thread and newbie thread. I remember the NEWBIE thread because my wife read it to me and then went shopping for a seemingly new kitchen. She has all the bright Shiney stuff and I got the old stuff...lol The oats were certified. She double checks everything that comes in the house. She puts Do Not Touch, on all her pantry and fridge stuff and on different shelf. Anyway. I'll make some shopping list from some of those dinner ideas and see what happens. Thanks all.
  2. I have a variation of biscuits and sausage gravy most days. I leaned from my mom to cook and it's old school, feel good food. This has anti-celiac all over it. I did manage a meat loaf with oats for filler that weekend quite tasty. She likes those vegitable things and I like meat and potatoes. I do like some of her noodles and I just found some lasagna noodles for her. But I put my foot down on bread. I am a bread man, all kinds. She wants a bread machine, she says I will love. I want to eat healthier but I need to learn cooking gluten free, cuz, she says her stuff is great and I'm like maybe next time will be better eh? I'm in this for life so I need to start cooking her way. Tips and tricks welcome.
  3. I would love chatting about this stuff. My wife has become a Dictator in the kitchen. I don't know what she can eat anymore. Now she said she can't have bacon!!!! I give up. Maybe I'll learn about food choices for her. Good to know there's a chat for this. I'm on it!