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    Running half marathons and marathons, reading, music, the beach, being a mom!
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Marathoner x1 Half marathoner x9 Wife to my silly husband, Mother to a beautiful, bubbly girl. Whole30/100 Alumni. Living with Hashi's/Celiac Sober from 6/3/12

  1. @monie_muffins An amazing amount of debt has been taken off my plate!

  2. RT @PalmerReport: Donald Trump's day so far: - Forgets he's also a sexual predator while attacking Matt Lauer - Posts white supremacist vi…

  3. RT @jonnysun: helo darkness my old friend why are u here its 4pm

  4. @SheRunsforLove I can't wait until i can do that with Harper. It'll be so much fun!

  5. Everything in my life is hard. Can't anything be easy?? Just one thing?

  6. @tipcan This actually makes really cringy. I hate cat claws. This is like a nightmare for me!

  7. Losing weight is awesome until you have zero pants that fit and you can't afford more.

  8. I'm moving next month around thanksgiving. Too early to start taking stuff off the walls? I want to get a jump start.

  9. @manic_pigeon Ughhhh. Hugs.

  10. @surelybutslowly Right!!!!!!

  11. Woke up to knee pain so intense in the middle of the night I could barely walk. No idea what caused it. They still hurt ?

  12. There's not very much I remember about being 3.

  13. @PurelyNumbers I have no idea. I wanted to but with no motivation? I'm setting myself up to fail!

  14. @TheCLJ I'm so scared for when Harper goes to school and little mean b%$@# girls are mean to her. It's gonna kill me

  15. @tlweng74 Omg. This terrifies me.