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  1. HI!! I had the same thing a few weeks back. I had some blood tests for something else but the Folic Acid levels came back as lower than they should be. I always eat food that is high in Folic acid (I practically OD on avocados!) but the levels were low for whatever reason. The doc didnt read anything...
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I'm not going to cut out sweets that have gelatine or anything in. I'm only cutting out the things that have actual meat in- whole meat: (chicken/pork/beef etc). Will also cut out completely things like pate that is made from pigs liver and things like that but little bits...
  3. Thank you for letting me know. I had no idea about this. I don't eat that much dairy so will have to eat eggs more than I do now. (Which, to be fair, is quite a lot already). I haven't actually heard of the TBP (I don't do/ know that much stuff about the body- believe it or not!) so will do a bit...
  4. Thank you. The Quorn chicken and quorn mince in Tesco (are you in UK?) is gluten free. Not sure about the other stuff but would imagine the plain quorn meat alternatives are mostly gluten free. Thanks
  5. You mean you wouldn't consider going vegetarian safe for a coeliac? Why only in the US?
  6. Not all of them. The plain chicken, mince etc is gluten free. There are pies and things which aren't but as the quorum is in the frozen section, there is a free from section right next to it and some of spit actually overlaps. I.e. There are gluten free quorn products.
  7. I've decided to go vegetarian and was wondering if anybody else had done this after they have found out they are Coeliac? I'm planning on eating Quorn or just no meat at all if needs be but as there is a massive stock of Quorn supplies in Tesco (Quorn Chicken, fillets, mince, pies, steaks, etc) it...