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  1. I was never tested for it because the test was expensive and not covered by insurance, but my doc gave me xifaxin anyway. This was two years ago. I brought this up to the doc the other day and he said it's something we could try again but he doesn't know if throwing antibiotics all the time at me...
  2. I have tried probiotics on multiple occasions and I absolutely cannot tolerate the amount of pain I am in when I take them unfortunately also my doc is a GI, sadly he's even a celiac specialist. i should stop eating out for awhile. I just feel so left out and it's something I love to do...
  3. I was diagnosed with celiac 2 years ago and since have been gluten-free. When I started my ttg was 88. I just recently visited the doc because I still seem to suffer from almost daily stomach pain. My ttg came back at 4. The doc suggested I try Metamucil and next week give lactaid a try as I still...
  4. thanks for the post. Unfortunately. A lot of what you mentioned are things I already take into practice. I almost never eat processed/ "gluten free" labeled foods. And as I said before, it's just very hard for me to pinpoint specific things when I am in a constant state of bleh. For the most part...
  5. i was diagnosed back in May and have been gluten free ever since. I feel better of course considering I could not move before but I am still struggling. I am constantly bloated. Pretty frequent abdominal pain, every morning I wake up with cramps. When I have to go to the bathroom I HAVE to go right...