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  1. Yeah try it for a few days then update here! I hope it really works for you and isn't chronic EC.
  2. If you apply the moisturizer very gently and it comes off on its own, thats fine, mine does that as well but i have seen improvements on mine after a few weeks of constant moisturizing, still peeling on and around my lips but not as bad as it was. What is the name of the corticosteroid you were...
  3. Easiest way of knowing if it is exfoliative cheilitis is when you have water on your lips and the skin turn white. If you do have EC, i would really advise you against peeling them biting the lip skin or even rubbing the skin off. Some developed EC just by doing those things, so it wouldn't be...
  4. Well mine is pretty inconsistent with food. I can have redness and peeling after eating a certain thing today, but if i try it another time it wont happen, and i can have redness and peeling right after i wake up and have not eaten a single thing. I do think about vitamin deficiency but the dermatologists...
  5. I asked the countless derms i have seen and they just disagreed with any tests i wanted to do. I do not have any digestive issues, but im just thinking this may be toxic in my body, i only have bowel movements like 3 times a week since forever, i only have skin issues that showed up 3 months+ ago...
  6. Hi, i suggest you do not exfoliate your skin, for the lips it is a very sensitive area that gets traumatised very easily. Fot me i just basically use something like pure shea butter and try not to pull the flakes off.
  7. I have the same issue, my lips get inflammed, get crusted then peel. But what is wrong is that they are inflammed 24/7, and i do not know what caused it, this started 4 months ago.. i do not have celiac disease(not that i have been tested anyways) but it hurts since it is always red and tender. Even...