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  1. Hi.....I am also a newbie....just found out I ve been having Asafoetida since going gluten free.....just wanted to know is Asafoetida even in little amount is enough to flare up...
  2. Hi....I am having nausea even while sleeping at night and a feeling of emptiness....does that mean I am not absorbing the food?
  3. Does baby corn contain gluten....or will it trigger my gluten intolerance?
  4. Hi......can anyone help to tell me how do I distinguish my symptoms before and after going gluten free.....just been 4 days gluten free and still having digestive issues!!
  5. Hi everyone.....just had a quick question.....does toothpaste have any gluten in it......and how do i know if my body is reacting correctly after going gluten free??