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I'm an author and editor living in New York State. I suffer from IBS, celiac, and anxiety with panic attacks. I like to offer support to those suffering from similar conditions. Feel free to start a conversation!

  1. Thanks. I looked at the company website where I bought them. The site says all packaged meat, poultry, and fish is gluten-free and it's from a store that's pretty conscientious about it. They even have large labels on every gluten-free product in the entire store. When I asked the butcher he said...
  2. Hi all! I bought some organic pork chops at the supermarket and am hesitant to eat them as I've never tried eating them since I went gluten-free. No gluten in meat seems like an obvious point, but I'm maybe a little too careful, lol. I buy organic chicken and the label says gluten-free on it. The...
  3. I have a box of Kashi Gluten free waffles and an unsure if they are cross-contamination safe. The box says they're gluten free but it doesn't have the gluten-free verified symbol and I'm worried about cross contamination issues. The ingredients even list whole oat flour, and whole grain sorghun flour...
  4. I know there are some that advertise it, but I'm weary of trusting them with cross contamination issues. I found a few that have stuff that's made with gluten free ingredients but they use the same cookware and surfaces to prepare the food so I don't want to risk it. My area I live in doesn't have...
  5. Hi all, I've been gluten-free for almost a year now, and am starting to feel better somewhat. I didn't bother dating while I was going through the healing process because I was just too sick. Now that my health has improved some I'd like to start dating again, but it always ends up with my trying...
  6. This is a really good question. I've wondered it myself, and have actually avoided dating because people just don't understand why I can't take them out to a restaurant. I also worry about getting glutened from kissing someone who'd eaten non-gluten-free food.
  7. My celiac symptoms caused me to have chronic anxiety. Not everyone gets it but it is common from what I know. Going gluten-free can reduce the anxiety and the right medication can help as well. Therapy can be really helpful too if you're committed to making it work. I've never had any problems with...
  8. I have horrible anxiety from my symptoms. I have celiac and IBS. It's so bad that I went diagnosed for 4 years. All the doctors thought it was in my head and never bothered to test me for celiac. When I finally figured it out and the symptoms improved the anxiety was easier to deal with, but I still...
  9. Everyone has different symptoms and lengths of time it takes to heal. If you're only a month or so in it could still take a while for all the symptoms to go away while your digestive system heals and your body adjusts to the changes. It should get better with time. It took months for my symptoms...
  10. My best advice when sharing a kitchen with people not on a gluten-free diet, is do what you did, keep foods separate. But most importantly use separate toasters, microwaves, and cookware. If you cook something gluten-free in the oven that non-gluten-free food was cooked in there's a huge risk of...
  11. I often get oral symptoms such as coppery taste in my mouth, sometimes salty taste, and dry mouth. But I'm not sure if it's connected to going gluten-free or not.
  12. Gluten withdraw can be rough, and is different for everyone, but hang in there and you will start feeling better! It took a few weeks for the bad symptoms to subside and I keep getting better as time goes on. Just be careful not to consume anything with gluten after going gluten-free. Never assume...
  13. Sorry to hear you're having such a tough time. It can be really hard to get used to feeling out of place in a restaurant with celiac. I don't eat out and haven't for about a year now. I'm a writer and all my meetings with other writers are always at restaurants. I just explained to them about my...