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  1. These responses are a wonderful start! I suppose what I meant by carbs was bread and such. I am so thankful that I love tex-mex type food because like you, Estes, I make a nacho type snack with beans and salsa and cheese. Thank you Jesus for cheese and my ability to consume it! I had spaghetti...
  2. I don't know how new this info is BUT I was pleasantly surprised by my local Wal-Mart yesterday. I was on the frozen food aisle and a whole case was full of gluten-free foods!!! I have a need for quick foods about 3 times a week and then sometimes for lunch at work so I was so glad to find these...
  3. I am relatively new still to my gluten-free diet and am having trouble getting my protein & carbs in. I guess that's why I always feel hungry. I eat plenty of fresh veggies and smoothies but I need quick sources of good food. Besides preparing food ahead of time this gluten-free diet stuff is...
  4. Ladies thank you for your response! I am in a hurry to get well as I have 3 precious littles that have tons of energy to play, so every piece of info helps!
  5. I too have more neuro than gastro symptoms...its so weird. I hope we both find answers soon!
  6. My celiac diagnosis started with me seeking medical attention for an ongoing migraine problem. This lead to MRI's that showed white spots on my brain which lead to blood work that showed a positive ANA (1:640) and a trip to the rheumatologist. The rheumatologist suggested the biopsy and a referral...
  7. Does anyone know if the positive ANA(1:640) I had back in January could be connected to my celiac diagnosis two weeks ago? Does ANA change with celiac or just other AI issues? Thanks!