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  1. I was diagnosed with celiac in April. I had tested for celiac before with negative results but tried again because it runs in my family and can come up at any time. One of my major symptoms over the past 10 years was swelling. Not just my ankles but all over my body. Within the first month...
  2. I am on lo loestrin and also am extremely sensitive. I have been told by both my doctor and pharmacist that it is for sure gluten free. Could it possibly be from anything else?
  3. Thank you, I needed to read this tonight. I've been struggling for the past 10 years with celiac symptoms and was completely brushed off and told it was an anxiety dissorder and ibs. It took my sister getting diagnosed for me to get taken seriously and positively diagnosed myself. Well, by...
  4. I'm newly diagnosed and am in a similar situation. My husband and two boys also love their gluten so I make sure to have some safe packaged things around that they can enjoy and keep cc to a minimum. I don't allow them to order out every night and Im the one making dinner so either they eat...
  5. Yes, I would be concerned about cc in the salads as well. I would not risk eating anything from a pizza place.
  6. My husband works at a pizza chain that makes gluten free pizza. He recommends that I don't eat it from there or anywhere else. There is too much cross contamination. He says there is flour flying around everywhere. It gets in the cheese dispensers and sauce. Sorry for the bad news I wouldn't risk...
  7. I suffered for 10 years before finally getting a definitive celiac diagnosis. All my doctor had to do was give me a simple blood test and he would have seen my numbers were through the roof, but instead he diagnosed me with anxiety and ibs and wouldn't hear about anything else even when I told him...