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HELP please - Which birth control is gluten free?

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Hello, I was recently switched to Lo Loestrin birth control. It "shouldn't" have gluten but it's also not tested so the nurse said that gluten can be cross contaminated in it. I develop rashes when I consume even a small amount of gluten. Since starting it, I have been breaking out in a rash on my arm or leg within 3 hours of taking it. Unfortunately I have to conclude it's the pill. 

I need to be on a 20 mcg (0.02 mg) estrogen pill, because I experience side effects with higher does estrogen pills. I cannot find a definitive list of which are possibilities for me, and meanwhile I'm breaking out in a rash every day. I have no idea which are still on the market, and feel like I am poisoning myself every day with gluten. 

I appreciate in advance any help anyone can provide. 

Thanks!! Candace

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