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Diagnosis:  Food Allergies including Wheat, Barley, Oats, Dairy, egg yolk and assorted foods to total 21 strong reactions and 22 minor reactions on an IgE skin test.

  1. Be sure an take a look at your diet. When you eliminate certain foods from your diet like wheat, you can lose out on vitamins such as folate and thiamine. Also gluten free foods tend to be high in starches that convert to sugar and without the thiamine or other vitamins needed to process that you...
  2. Consider taking some sublingual B Complex, if you have some sort of malabsorption issues then you may be deficit which would contribute to neuropathy. Hashimoto's thyroid can also cause brain problems so you might want to get tested for antithyroid bodies. I had no luck with regular doctors...
  3. I also have had some eye symptoms including eye wobble and ocular migraines and hair loss. I'm still in the process of getting diagnosis. My Dr suspects Hashimotos as well as celiac. I got some improvement in my eye problems when I started taking CDP Choline. (I buy the powder and capsule it...
  4. I can't help with the diagnosis part, but suggest you try 200-400 mg of magnesium glycinate in the evening (1/2 hour or so before bed). This form of magnesium does not usually cause loose stools. It is very helpful with muscle cramps and what I call Frankenstein foot (stiff calves). You may also...
  5. My husband suffered from severe acne until he was in his 40s, has multiple scarring. It only stopped when he became an ovo-pesco-vegetarian (he can eat fish, eggs, and lowfat dairy fine). A Dr recently mentioned there is a kind of allergy that can cause this. Be sure to get dietary advice if you...
  6. Have they tested you for Iga defiency? http://primaryimmune.org/about-primary-immunodeficiencies/specific-disease-types/selective-iga-deficiency/ I readon this site that can cause false negatives.
  7. Find yourself a good nutritionist who is experienced with Celiac. You probably have nutritional deficits which may include any or all of the B vitamins, Fat soluble vitamins, and minerals like zinc, magnesium, and possibly calcium. Just taking a multivitamin isn't going to fix those. ( demyelinating...
  8. Could be Biotin deficency - the enzymes that are responsible for uptake can be damaged in Celiac. Also zinc deficency cause that problem
  9. You might want to have your vitamin and electrolyte levels checked, if your intestines are very damaged that might be causing damage to the Autonomic Nervous System which could cause your POTS.
  10. Planters has been adding more stuff to their nuts in recent years. My husband is a long time peanut eater. Dry roasted peanuts have Tortuga yeast which I'm a bit suspicious of.
  11. Any time you make a major dietary change you run the risk of nutrient deficits. You might want to try taking a sublingual or liquid B-complex. Your damaged intestines may not be doing a good job of extracting nutrients so liquid or sublingual will overcome that. You can also try digestive enzymes...