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  1. Yes i've heard that they were supossed to take 6 or more biopsis but no, i suposse they didnt know wich is sad, but at least i was expecting a more detailed report, since they havent even found a normal mucosa, congestive means inflamation at least for what i know, i eat gluten every day i was gluten free before and i used to feel better but has been more than a year since i reintroduce gluten for all the testing, the celiac panel is complete (i already checked that) and everything is negative but they said that marsh 1 sometimes get negative blood work (that happend to a close family friend) they also realized a colonoscopy cause my mother has ulcerative colitis and i have an uncle with crohns too, so they checked that and it seems ok, what they did found was chronic gastritis but with no H pylory. I've got psoriasis, hashimoto (the antibodys but thyroid still working) and now it seems i could have Sjogren too. Its private healt care, you pay for month and they provide you with a number of profesionals and hospitals and you can chose from that, havent been very lucky tho tbh Thank you for your answer im gonna try to contact the hospital and ask them for a more detailed report or the samples to take to another place for a proper analysis
  2. Hi everyone, im from Argentina and im struggling with getting diagnosed since a bit more than a year, I've got nutritional deficiencies that doesn't seem to respond to supplements and GI problems, bloating, pain, steatorrea etc + other autoimmune disorders. They finally realized the upper endoscopy and took 2 samples, but the analysis of the samples seems very incomplete it says they found congestive duodenum mucosa and no signification histology changes, but there is not lymphocytes count or marsh classification whatsoever, should i call and ask for a more detailed report? im just getting so tired of all of this u.u
  3. Thanks, i stopped eating gluten and lactose for a week because i was tired of feeling awful every day and i noticed an improvement almost intermediately, at first i thought it may be just something casual because for that week i was only eating fruits and vegetables so super healthy, and i thought that may be the cause of my health improvement, so i decide to reintroduce them and react bad to gluten, then i cut it off completely, i start to get better but i decide to get tested because of my family skepticism, the weird thing is that i have a patch on my knee of psoriasis gutata that never leaves, except when i was out of gluten for a long time, now i have it back, idk if psoriasis and gluten can be related tbh but it was a weird coincidence.
  4. Its been a while since i started eating gluten every day, i eat a little before the first try and then the two weeks, + the time that has passed since the blood test i think 12 weeks or 11 on total, so idk why it came back negative, maybe im not celiac but im going to go for the biopsy to be sure, thank you very much for your information about DH, do you think it could be? for how it looks? im goin to see a dermatologist but they all really busy at this time of the year
  5. Hi everyone, i was tested for celiac twice, the first time was after 2 weeks of eating gluten every day (i was eating gluten free for almost a year) and the second was after about two months eating gluten, both came back negative in every antibody, but i've got this rash since i started eating gluten for the second test, wich is intermitent and very itchy, is on both my hands, i've never experience a rash like this and that lead me to belive it may be gluten related but since i tested negative idk... im going to try to push my doctor to ask for the biopsy anyway because i have many other symphtoms too and im deficient in vitamin D, A, and B12 + i have steathorrea, well this are the pictures of the rash the one on my thumb is more similar to a blister, the others are still in development, but they are in te fingers of my two hands, itch like crazy and kind of come and go but never leave... any idea?
  6. Thanks everyone, the graphic was very interesting!, ill keep eating gluten in case i need a biopsy but im unable to keep a diary intake, do i have to eat gluten absolutely everyday? im going to talk with my doctor and see if he HOPEFULLY want to recheck my blood in a moth or so, to see if antibodies build up on me, but im worry he send me back home with a "you are not celiac, you just have ibs" , at least i hope he wants to do the biopsy, he also send me quite a disgusting study that checks for steatorreah, i have to eat 100 gr of butter everyday for 5 days and then collect the last 2, any experience on this subject? Van de Kamer is called i think... im scared because it sounds so aggressive even for a healthy bowel and in general oily food make me feel sick u.u
  7. Thanks for your answer, i was eating gluten before the test, my doctor said i should eat at least two weeks and that's what i did, but not everyday, since i had to stop for 2 or 3 days because of awfull symptoms, i should eat gluten for 12 weeks? that is a lot, :S, in the page you quoted said that 2 weeks is okay for biopsy but blood work takes more, so you can have enought damage on your insides before having antibodys? on the antitransglutaminasa IGG i got 6,9 , 10 is considered positive, even tho is negative is not 0, could it mean something? btw when i ate gluten those 2 weeks i eat full meal, not slices of bread so i thought it would take less time for antibodys to build up, idk
  8. Hello everyone and btw please excuse me if my english is bad ): ! the idea of having celiac has been around my head since a significant time ago, i have anti thyroid autoantibodies and a borderline t4 and tsh, dry eye, multiple joint and muscle pain, acid reflux, stomach pain, diarrhea alternated with constipation, floating and weird stoles, psoriasis, nausea, dizziness, vitamin A deficit, vitamin b12 decifit, vitamin D deficit, random bleeding from lady parts, not related to ovulation, menstruation or anything, im tired all the time and im done feeling like crap everyday, my medic of course suspect celiac so i have a blood work done, it come back negative, i also had what i think was herpetiform dermatitis, sadly i didn't know about it at that time and as i have psoriasis gutata too and it looks kind of similar i think it was the same thing at the beginning, they were blisters that itch a lot on my knees, i should have gone to the doctor but now its too late since they are gone so i cant, the thing is, i was gluten free almost 100% for a very long time, it was kind of intuitive, i didn't think i had celiac at that point, but notice a significant difference eating that way so i "follow my instinct", the dermatitis and psoriasis disappear, later i started consuming gluten once in a while but not in a regular way, maybe one week i eat something, the next week anything, etc etc (i had symptoms this way and thats why i went to the doctor), i was told by my doctor to eat gluten for at least two weeks before the blood work, and i was so bad that i had to go to the urgency's, a lot of stomach pain and constipation, fever, diarrhea, it was hell, so i eat as much as i can but maybe not as regular as i should, Now that i see that all antibodies are completely normal i feel lost and crazy, should i do the biopsy anyway? i dont know any other way to explain the multiple vitamin deficit since i eat really healthy, could this have to be with the fact that i was gluten free for a long time? (the absence of antibodies) even tho i consume gluten once in a while at those times? every antibody come back negative and i had a total IGA and im not deficient. I dont know what to think, i was on my period when blood work was done and i also had flu like syntoms, my immune system was hitting rock bottom as always on these days, maybe that's the reason? idk what to think really... any advice or thought
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