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  1. Went for my endoscopy yesterday. (9wks on gluten) Had bloodwork redone at 7 wks. Came back negative. Dr said she did genetic testing, too and that came back negative. Super confusing, since I've had a rash that looks and acts just like a DH rash (but hasn't come back enough to pursue a biopsy) Waiting...
  2. I counted out the 27 for a serving according to the box. Vs 1 slice of ww bread. Good thinking, though, I'm curious now how the serving sizes compare.
  3. Hi. Has anyone noticed a difference in reaction depending on *what* the gluten is? (I'm currently back on gluten after 2 mos off until my GI apt in a few weeks.) I have always bought 100% whole wheat products and had my own grain mill, so all homemade flour products were 100% whole wheat. Now that...
  4. Yes. Went back on it a few weeks ago. I did mess all that up, doing Whole30 for March and April. Thought it was my gallbladder or an ulcer. I am glad I get to keep my organs! But, oops. I'll be on it 7 weeks by the time my appointment rolls around.
  5. My friend's son sees a pediatric GI. She recommended a dr that others liked, but she doesn't have personal experience with him. When I called, the scheduler asked my reasons for the visit and I told her that I suspected celiacs. She recommended seeing another dr in the office that specialized in...
  6. I'm still getting diagnosed, but stuck to a whole food elimination diet for 2 months before going back on gluten for testing. Sure, it got boring, but I can't wait to cut it all out again. Someone (without known celiac, but with AI issues) said to me recently, "I feel best when I eat only meat and...
  7. I haven't seen mine yet, but I got a recommendation from a friend who's son has celiac. When I called the large practice, the scheduler recommended seeing another dr who specializes in celiac. Perhaps ask around?
  8. Yeah. I went off gluten, doing Whole30 for 2 months. Then found out it was a mistake. Oops. So, I'm back on gluten and have a GI appointment at the end of June. 3 weeks so far. :/ It is easier than it was at first. I had a headache for 2 weeks straight. Thankfully that has passed. My symptoms are...
  9. I hear ya. I spend all day in the bathroom *thinking* something's going to happen. lol
  10. I don't know about iodine making dh worse. I'm new to all this myself. But, I did use iodine several years ago to heal my thyroid. So I know a bit about that Iodine displaces bromine and fluoride in the body. Which can be good- those things aren't good for you. But, you body needs to be able to...
  11. Iodine can have a detoxing effect, though I never had a rash from it. Are you doing the full protocol with salt and vitamins, etc? Iodine is awesome, but it's important to do it right or you can cause yourself unnecessary discomfort.
  12. hmm, if you feel that bad with a crumb, this may not be helpful. But, I've been able to build up to eating a bit of gluten, again for a gluten challenge. First time off gluten was horrible! Worse than any day pre-gluten free. But, I ate just a little bit of gluten every day, building up to one piece...
  13. Perhaps try a whole foods elimination diet? I felt amazing after 8 wks on Whole30. Brain fog is back now, though, as I'm back on gluten for testing.
  14. Thanks. I've been back on gluten, about a slice of bread a day, for a couple of weeks. I kinda eased myself into it and have taken days off when it's gotten really bad. Not sure if that's going to be enough for testing, but whatever. The worst symptoms haven't come back. (probably not eating enough...