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  1. Yeah the doctor dont a give a crap they didn't inform me of a positive test in 2013 i have so many symptoms like pind and needles join pain scalp problem stomach pain fluctuating bowels fatigue depression etc i just dont know how to go about im 21
  2. Ive just jad a qucim scan over my results again and my serum endomysium antibodies wass was a weak positive aswell i dont know if that indicates anything?
  3. Hi matt going back to making an appointment would be totally useless and the doctors wouldn't do a damn thing these test result orint i went in and collect months after the test. I had to request the 2013 test results they literally told me nothing was wrong.
  4. Hi everyone I actually dont know where to start but anyway im kind of excited i think finally fount my problem i have so many symptoms pains nerve pain fatigue severe depression loads more to list i hust hope someone can help i got tested in 2013 for celiacs and it came back positive heres my results 2013- TTG- iga- POSITIVE- level 20 U/ml the lab range is (0-6.9) serum endomysium antibodies weak positive serology suggestive of celiacs disease 2017 results 10 U/mL (0.0-6.9) (TTG) IgA Equivocal Theirs lods of others test which i dont what they but i can post them
  5. Hi I apologize for the late reply i really do, i grabbed my most recent test results and the ones dating back to 2013 could you help I haven't a clue of what to post many thanks.
  6. Hi, i dont know where to start im actually glad i came across this website it's great and dare i say it's actually giving me a bit of hope. To start off im 20 years old my symptoms started when i hit puberty round about that time anway. I was actually going through a really dark time in my life, anway my start of symptoms was excessive sweatimg, then really bad stomach pain. Which lead to a downward sprial i went to my gp and i kid you not he ram his hands over my stomach and said "you have ibs" I believed he gave me some pills on sent me on my way the pills didn't do nothing for me. So a few years i went to him again and i had to see a different gp due to him not being in. The new gp told me that i had previos blood tests which indicated well he said in his own words "you tested abit postive for gluten intolerance" i was actually really angry but i was also filled with joy thinking to my self after all these years of suffering maybe thats what it was so he told me to retake some blood tests for gluten intolerance and see what happens well they back negative im just so lost in life right now my depressiom is so severe he told me i had vitamin d defficancy amd low folate levels but i know their is a problem with my bowels i just dont know what to actually do my lifes a mess i dont know maybe you guys could gove me some advice i have scalp problems acid reflux facial skin problems acne my bowles vary constipation/loosestools. Everything links to gluten intolerance so i dont know what to do.