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  1. Yeah the doctor dont a give a crap they didn't inform me of a positive test in 2013 i have so many symptoms like pind and needles join pain scalp problem stomach pain fluctuating bowels fatigue depression etc i just dont know how to go about im 21
  2. Ive just jad a qucim scan over my results again and my serum endomysium antibodies wass was a weak positive aswell i dont know if that indicates anything?
  3. Hi matt going back to making an appointment would be totally useless and the doctors wouldn't do a damn thing these test result orint i went in and collect months after the test. I had to request the 2013 test results they literally told me nothing was wrong.
  4. Hi everyone I actually dont know where to start but anyway im kind of excited i think finally fount my problem i have so many symptoms pains nerve pain fatigue severe depression loads more to list i hust hope someone can help i got tested in 2013 for celiacs and it came back positive heres my results ...
  5. Hi I apologize for the late reply i really do, i grabbed my most recent test results and the ones dating back to 2013 could you help I haven't a clue of what to post many thanks.
  6. Hi, i dont know where to start im actually glad i came across this website it's great and dare i say it's actually giving me a bit of hope. To start off im 20 years old my symptoms started when i hit puberty round about that time anway. I was actually going through a really dark time in my life,...