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  1. Luckily it is covered here in Canada with our health care, but I definitely do not plan on eat gluten again! I'm sure I've done enough damage... Time to reverse it.
  2. I was thinking of getting my blood test done again to see what the results would be. I definitely do not plan on going back on gluten!
  3. Because my blood test was so high and I wasn't off gluten for too long she said it was fine.
  4. Hi everyone, I had stomach and anxiety issues for a while now and doctor suggested I get the blood test for Celiac disease. A positive is from 2.9-160 and my result came back as 160! I immediately went gluten free and recently dairy free and noticed a difference in both my stomach and anxiety. The specialist suggested a endoscopy for a standard of practice diagnosis. I don't plan to ever eat gluten again (I actually did last week to see what would happen and my nausea and anxiety was very bad) What are your thoughts on skipping the endoscopy? Any feedback is much appreciated.