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  1. I'm sorry to hear you don't feel well and hope you are feeling better soon. I'll be watching replys here, for I also miss and would love to find a ready-made chicken noodle soup. I was eating Campbell's chicken with rice soup for the longest time until I finally figured out it still had wheat in...
  2. One other thing -- if the pains are strong and sharp and stabbing, it might be something different. Someone I worked with had strong, stabbing pains in the lower right side. I think they were really sharp. She was concerned about appendicitis, so saw a doctor about it. Turns out the pains were...
  3. I get these strange, funny little pains in my lower right side - just at the bottom of my right rib cage. It does happen after I eat gluten. They come and go and are not too sharp or severe - kind of shooting pains. DOn't know what it is, but do know that it is related to what I have eaten. Doesn...
  4. I had wondered this same thing myself. Since it is so popular now as a health food, it is difficult to google and find a valid scientific resource. Most of the search results are product pushers or health food advocates. Althought not a very scientific source, one product site contains the...