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  1. I'm sorry to hear you don't feel well and hope you are feeling better soon. I'll be watching replys here, for I also miss and would love to find a ready-made chicken noodle soup. I was eating Campbell's chicken with rice soup for the longest time until I finally figured out it still had wheat in it. I couldn't figure out what was still making me sick! Carelessly, I had never looked at the label - who would have thought chicken with rice would have wheat in it? So I've since given up on all the Campbell's soups. I've not found many good ready-made soups, and even fewer that I would
  2. I had wondered this same thing myself. Since it is so popular now as a health food, it is difficult to google and find a valid scientific resource. Most of the search results are product pushers or health food advocates. Althought not a very scientific source, one product site contains the following information: "Wheat Grass is the young wheat plant, grown under optimum conditions, carefully harvested at it's nutritional maximum, dehydrated, and bottled for your convenience." And continues elsewhere with, "When our wheat seeds are planted in the fall..." And this is from the Wikiped
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