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  1. i know that enfamil lipil doesnt contain gluten...we had to supplement my son with it while we were in the hospital, cuz he was jaundiced and born at 11 lbs 6 oz...so he needed more food than i could give him until my milk came in...i was adamant to the nurses and lactation consultant that if we gave him formula, it HAD to be gluten free! the LC called enfamil and found out that their formula was indeed gluten-free. angie
  2. i'm one of those people who can now tolerate dairy...i was dairy free for over 8 years, and cheese was the worst for me...we figured that i was dairy intolerant...well once i found out that it was gluten, i went gluten free then slowly added dairy back in...now i eat a lot of it...although i found that i like vanilla soy milk better than plain cow's milk angie
  3. i have been loving bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits lately using grandma feronda's hamburger buns...they taste biscuit like...yum! just slap some scrambled egg, some bacon strips, and a slice of cheese and then microwave to melt it all together...it tastes a lot like mcd's biscuits to me my hubby even wants to try the buns cuz they smell so good to him (he's not gluten-free) angie
  4. So I loved taco john's food, and i emailed them to get a gluten-free list, but it was just really incoherant...I was wondering if anyone knew about their food? I'm not sure if they're only in WI, or if they are elsewhere. thanks, angie
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