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  1. yay! finally a non-kids cereal that wont cost like $5 for a small box of it! yay! angie
  2. it wasnt for me...i basically lived on it after i gave birth to my son 2 years ago while i was struggling with post partum depression. i had no appetite at all, but i was breastfeeding and knew i needed calories...so ensure it was...if it wasnt so expensive, i would still have some of it around to drink now and again for a snack...i loved the vanilla flavor angie
  3. i am not celiac, but i at least have a gluten intolerance, but i honestly think it is either a gluten ALLERGY or wheat allergy...sigh anyways...i first bought a batch of the minis and ate them with no problem, then got the full sized ones (3 of them mind you) a few days later and sucked them all down that evening (nothing new there for me...i do it every year)...but i got an itchy throat after eating the full sized ones, like i do with a glutening...i never read the labels as i blindly trusted they were still gluten free...i mean come one, who messes with perfection on a recipe?!?!?! crazy! so yeah, i must have reacted to the wheat in them. ughhhhh! angie
  4. ok...so i've really really been wanting egg rolls, but i just dont have the energy to make them myself right now (i'm 3 1/2 months pregnant, and have no spare energy at all!)...are there ANY gluten-free manufactured egg rolls out there? i've tried googling, but i only get recipes....sigh...maybe i'm just out of luck. thanks, angie
  5. that is nice its on wiki for free...but if you want a seriously comprehensive guide to gluten-free dining out, invest in the TriumphDining Gluten-Free dining out guide...seriously...it is so awesome! i bought it prior to our trip to memphis from WI, and it helped us eat more than fast food along the way...then again when we were in atlanta, and it even helps us here at home in WI. it was a terrific investment of like $20ish or so angie
  6. Rochester MN has 3 pages of gluten-free restraunt options in the gluten-free dining out guide...here are some for you... Canadian Honker 507-282-6582 Cuisine of India 507-292-5775 Famous Dave's Barbeque (this is the only one of their chain that has a gluten-free menu) 507-282-4200 Fiesta Cafe 507-288-1116 Outback Steakhouse 507-252-1150 Pizza Man (gluten-free pizza available...call ahead) 507-287-8700 The Redwood Room (dinner only) 507-281-2978 Roscoe's Barbeque 507-281-4622 Timber Lodge Steakhouse 507-252-8075 Valentino's Pizza (gluten-free pizza available...call ahead) 507-281-2100 Victoria's Italian Cuisine (gluten-free pasta avail. ...call ahead) 507-280-6232 Zorba's 507-281-1540 I left out a couple that are really pricy and fancy for you...but hopefully there is at least a couple on there you can try I need to get there to go to famous daves...i really miss them, and am dying to see what they have there that i can eat good luck with everything!!! angie
  7. i'm really blessed that my hospital deals with gluten free frequently...my mom works there, so i eat in the cafeteria frequently when i visit her for lunch. they even have gluten free buns and bread. they did ok my first delivery food wise, but i still had my family go get me some restaraunt food too and then i had some snacks there that i stowed in nurses station fridge for off hours when i was hungry. i didnt get glutened. so i am hopeful for this delivery too. good luck everyone! angie
  8. to make baked goods fluffier, add a splash of clear carbonated soda (like sprite or 7up)...the carbonation makes air pockets that makes stuff rise i use this on pancakes all the time...it really helps gluten-free baked goods angie
  9. here is the gluten-free tollhouse recipe directly from the nestle company...someone had contacted them on here a while back, and nestle had provided this recipe to them. 1 cup plus 2 TBSP potato starch 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 10 TBSP butter, softened 6 TBSP sugar 6 TBSP firmly packed dark brown sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla extract 1 egg 6 oz pkg (1 cup) semi-sweet chocolate morsels 1/2 c. chopped nuts (optional) Preheat oven to 375 F. In a small bowl, combine potato starch, baking soda, and salt. Set aside. In a large bowl, combine butter, sugar, dark brown sugar, and vanilla; beat until creamy. Beat in egg. Gradually add potato starch mixture. Stir in choc chips & nuts. Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake @ 375 F for 8-10 mins. Makes 50 cookies. I still havent made these yet, but i figured that if it came from nestle it must be tasty angie
  10. so i used to LOVE culvers buffalo chix strips, and tysons version for at home....nice and spicy. i hate wings, the chix has to be boneless anyways...anyone know of anywhere to get gluten-free buffalo chix strips or how to make them? thanx! angie
  11. Glucose Test

    i dont know about the corn, but it is gluten free. i had to have it done 3 times as i am high risk for developing diabetes (i didnt, thank God, but did have an 11+ lb son anyways ) but i highly recommend the lemon/lime flavor to the orange, but that is cuz i like sprite way better than orange flavored anything...and if you chug it, its not bad at all its like chugging a 1/2 liter of soda or so. good luck! angie
  12. I ended up taking flintstones chewables (2 daily) while i was preggo, 1 because they are gluten-free, and 2 because i couldnt swallow the huge horse pill sized prenatals that people normally take. my midwife and GP both approved it...and i had a perfectly normal 11 lb 6 oz baby (now he is 21 months old ) angie
  13. i am gluten intolerant, not celiac (i've been negative in all tests, but feel so much healthier since going gluten-free, and now get an itchy throat on top of GI issues when i've been glutened)...and in speaking with my GI doc while i was pregnant with my son (he is 21 months old now), we came to the conclusion after much research on both our parts, that my son would stay gluten-free until he was 3 years old. so he eats what i eat, and my hubby will eat our stuff when i make a main dish, or he eats gluten stuff when he fixes just for himself. from the research that i and my GI doc had read, it showed that 3 is the ideal age to introduce any allergen that one of the parents have, as then their digestive system is more mature and hopefully it will keep my son from getting gluten intolerance. We also didnt introduce ANY allergen foods until he was 1. I am also now happy that we made this decision with all the research regarding autism and Gluten-free Casein-free diet, as my son is approaching the age where autism typically rears its head, and i figure that already having him gluten-free cant hurt our chances of him not having it *knock wood* this is also so much easier too on me as a stay at home mom...peyton (my son) has no idea what he is missing, he loves my gluten-free stuff like pretzels and bread and cookies, and i dont have to tell him that he cant share his food with me...i would hate to have to discourage a kid from sharing...just my opinion though. anyways...good luck to everyone as i know its not an easy decision to make either way....i cant even imagine doing it with a kid in daycare where they arent as supervised during mealtimes! its hard enough for me to deal with church nursery when you have high schoolers that dont quite get it watching him...but so far so good as far as i know *crosses fingers* angie
  14. bump...anyone? why isnt this getting stickied? thanx angie
  15. so i forgot to post this when we got back from our vacay a few weeks ago...but if any of you are traveling to the midwest for a getaway...i highly recommend stillwater, MN in general...it is right on the st. croix river, and it is gorgeous! and definitely stay at the ann bean mansion http://www.annbeanmansion.com/ the proprietors are prolly in their 30s or so...and sooooooooo nice...and the rooms are gorgeous (we stayed in the tower room)...and best of all...they can acomadate a gluten free diet! the woman (erin) had a college roomate with wheat allergies, and she learned how to cook without the cross contamination and everything...we chose this b&b over many others there cuz it lists on the website that they can accomadate a celiac diet! and we had for our breakfast, a gourmet omlette, with fresh fruit, and homemade gluten-free banana muffins that were to DIE for! so yummy! anyways, if you find yourself in the MN area in need of a retreat, check them out! my hubby and vowed to go there once a year for a getaway angie
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