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Dr. Sachin Rustgi, born in 1980, is currently affiliated as Assistant Research Professor with the Department of Crop & Soil Sciences at the Washington State University, Pullman. He holds a master's degree in Botany and a Ph.D. degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding. Immediately after graduating in 2006 he joined WSU, and since then, has been working there in various capacities. His research is a balance between applied and basic sciences with a focus on targeted improvement of cereals using tools of structural and functional genomics. His major research activities include development of natural dietary therapies for ‘gluten syndrome' by engineering wheat genotypes devoid of immunogenic-gluten proteins or expressing gluten-detoxifying enzymes, biomimetic engineering of wheat roots to produce an antifungal antibiotic pyrrolnitrin or an antimycotic enzyme endochitinase to armor wheat against the major root pathogens, and development of herbicide (imidazolinone) resistant barley cultivars.

  1. Celiac.com 11/21/2016 - This article is the result of an email exchange between Scott Adams and Dr. Sachin Rustgi, which took place between January and March, 2014. Scott Adams: For many years researchers...