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  1. Thank you so much for that information! I'm wondering if I have both primary & secondary RLS. My dad and Grandma (his mom) both have symptoms of RLS. But, not as sever as mine. As a child I can remember having really bad leg aches when I went to bed at night. I broke my left ankle in September of last year and that's when my RLS REALLY kicked in. I have it in both legs but, a lot worse in my left leg. I have not been clearly been dx's with celiac therefore, I have not started a gluten free diet. I'm hypothroid and also take Lexapro for anxiety. I sometime's wonder if the Lexapro might be partly a culprit of my RLS. All my iron test came back ok so, I don't think it's a nutritional problem. I have RLS whether I exercise or not. I have to say that requip is the only thing keeping me sane at this point. It's so frustrating when my legs won't let me sleep! I can rarley even take a Sunday afternoon nap anymore...... my legs won't let me. Shelly
  2. The only side effect I get is an upset stomach even when I take it with food. I'm down to 1/2 dose now. My stomach can tolerate it better.
  3. Are you not sleeping because of the restless legs? I was not sleeping because of the constant urge to move my legs. I would get up a few times in the night and rub the rolling pin over my legs. I am sleeping really well now with the medication Recuip. I really struggled with being on another medication. But, it's well worth it.......i'm sleeping now! I went to my regular family physician for the problem. Hope you find sleep in the near future! I know how you feel......I've been there! Shelly
  4. Just an update. All my tests for anemia and other's came back normal. Last night was the first night I slept ALL night. The Recuip is working. Dionnek, I heard pickle juice works great for leg cramps. My husband learned that in a coaching class. Shelly
  5. I personally don't think the soap works, but did try it as a despirate attempt to get some sleep. I agree with you, I hope there's another option other than a medication. I really don't like taking medication, but if it's my only option to get some sleep, I need to do that. ;o) I will let you all know the results of my tests. Shelly
  6. Since I started this post my RLS has gotten SO much worse. Last Labor Day I broke my ankle and I get it so bad in that leg. I started running last week and it intensified it. I was up 2-3 times a night last week. I thought I was going crazy! Sometimes I wouldn't get to sleep until 4:00 a.m. I FINALLY seen my Family Physician today. She prescribed Requip. I hope it works with the first dose. I need a good night sleep! I will let you know how it works out for me. She is also running tests to see if I'm anemic. The bar of soap didn't work for me. I heard it really works for leg cramps....but I don't get those. I heard Ivory or Zest is the best. Shelly
  7. I was also referred to a dermatologist because of dry, ITCHY, scaley round patches on both of my lower legs. Right away he said it was just eczema. He said the DH tends to be blisters or rash that are in a snake like pattern (don't quote me on that though, that's just how I interpreted). I can't remember right off what RX cream he gave me, but it's working. Sorry, your experience has been different! I would call them back and let them know that your symptoms are worse. Hopefully, they will act on that!! Good Luck! Shelly
  8. I'm going gluten-free this week. So, I will be curious whether it effects my hypothyroidism. Shelly
  9. My Gastro called up there to ask questions regarding my situation. So, I say they must be very reputable if my doctor was trying to get advise from them. Shelly
  10. Crushed Ice was the BEST! I even craved cool air during my pregnancy WEIRD. I would get in the car and turn the air on high and just soak it in (obviously I was preg in the summer). I wasn't even hot. Shelly
  11. Jen, it is SO funny you mention ice chewing! When I was pregnant with my second I couln't get enough of chewing ice, I craved it! Both pregnancies my RLS intensified. I did read that some people only have RLS when they are pregnant. Thanks for the advise.......I'm going to get my hemoglobin checked. ) I have not gotten my final dx of celiac yet therefore, I have not started gluten free yet. I'm planning on starting Monday. I will be very curious to see if a lot of my symtoms will get better/disappear!
  12. Thanks for your replies! The first time I encountered RLS is when I was pregnant with my first. I often wondered if it could be related to vitatmin deficiency. I pound on my legs, get up and walk or just go to the living room and turn the TV on in the middle of the night. Sometimes ibuprofen helps. I do Taebo 3 times a week so I believe I'm getting enough excersise. I broke my ankle last Labor Day weekend and now I get it really bad in that leg. Someone told me once they heard putting a bar of soap under your bed sheet would help. I don't believe that one! Shelly
  13. Anyone else out there have RLS? If so, what do you do to try to relieve this? I can be up hours in the night with the constant erge to move my legs! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
  14. I don't know if your closer to Rochester, but my mom gets a lot of stuff at a store there. If your interested, I can get the name of it. ) Thanks!
  15. Thanks for sharing. I was hoping for a definate dx of celiac from the dermatologist but, on the other hand I'm glad I don't have DH! Guess my next move is to get the Gene testing. Thanks! Shelly
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