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  1. First of all, that’s awesome that you are still nursing him! He’s getting most of his nutrients through that, so don’t worry about that part. I also don’t eat meat and we have a gluten free home for my daughter, so my 14 month old is gluten free by association. I loved the baby led weaning process, that might be something you would be interested in. As long as it’s not a choking hazard, give him anything that you are eating. Full bananas, strips of avocados, steamed broccoli...do you eat eggs? Scrambled eggs are great, yogurt, and thinly sliced cheese. Also, my son loves Cheerios, rice Chex, kix (all gluten-free) and hot cereals such as cream of rice. Your son may be more interested if he can feed himself or if he’s eating the same thing as you. It’s easier that way for you too! Check out the book Baby Led Weaning by Rapley and Murkett, lots of awesome ideas in there!
  2. I have the exact same question as you, same situation with my almost 7 year old daughter. So happy to have found this forum. Post what you decide! We have our GI appointment next week and I am scared of putting her under to confirm what we already know to be true from blood tests and symptoms.
  3. Hi, I completely get it. My almost 7 year old daughter is currently going through the diagnosis phase, all of the blood work came up positive for celiac and we have to see a GI dr next. She is the same way, in the bathroom 15 minutes after eating (pancakes, cake, etc) with a horrible tummy ache. The leg pain! Oh the leg pain! For almost 3 years excruciating leg pain that no one could figure out the cause. Now that the tummy issues have worsened, the doctor connected the leg pain to the tummy and here we are. I am sorry your baby is going through this too Message me if you want to talk, your comments reflect how I feel too. I can’t wait to go gluten free, it’s so hard seeing her tummy hurt every day when we know how to make it stop. But we have to wait so we don’t influence the test results dr says...
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