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  1. With much respect — a. The idea that anything we put or use on our hair or skin doesn’t at some point end up in our mouths is naive. b. My concern about tocopherol was born of hives and rashes. It angers and frustrates me that we continue to deny that topical products can cause a response to someone with celiac disease. Perhaps I have an undiagnosed allergy to tocopherol derived from raw ingredients that contain gluten. But please don’t suggest that being covered with hives or a rash isn’t an issue of concern.
  2. This is the list I use to start. And then if there is tocopherol/Vitamin E in anything, even if it states it is gluten-free, I write or call the company and find out their source of Vitamin E. If they don't know or won't tell me, I avoid the product. http://www.glutenfreemakeupgal.com/gluten-info/not-safe/possibly-gluten-filled-ingredients
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