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    Who Gets Sick With Honey?

    Hi Nadia, I know my reply is years late. But I am a fellow honey allergic person. I had it since I can remember when my mother used to force feed me honey by slipping a couple of spoons in my milk or creal bowl and it wouldn't take an hour and I would be throwing up uncontrollably in school. My parents wouldnt believe that it was honey as my dad is a an M.D. and he has never heard of a case of honey allergy. I have no other problema with fruites and I am not a fan of jam anyway. So my only source of discomfort over the years has been honey only. I tried different kind and I thought I'd out grow it but I didnt. When i forget to ask or check salad dressings and deserts and I start getting stomachaches I then find out I ate honey by mistake. It sometimes takes me days to get over the stomache pains. I couldnt find an explanation other than being a minority. I do however have a couple more weird allergies, I am allergic sometimes to bell peppers and eggplants and in this case I get a rash on my lips. And I am allergic to Avocados the same way I am to honey. The only thing I do is stay aware of not eating it.