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  1. MyMississippi

    Udi Pizza Crust

    Has anyone found a way to use the Udi Pizza Crust in cooking , other than as Pizza and pita bread ? I'm wondering if...
  2. MyMississippi

    No Noodles- Now What ?

    What great ideas everyone ------ since I mostly eat low carb--- can't wait to try the veg in place of the noodles ...
  3. Can't find any Tinkyada lasagna noodles anywhere--- Need them for Friday. In case I don't find them by then, has anyone...
  4. MyMississippi

    Calling Italian Cooks : )

    Don't be afraid to try them ---- It will not be a disaster. I have made Lasagne with the Tinkyada noodles before,...
  5. MyMississippi

    Calling Italian Cooks : )

    I plan to cook this Friday , so I will be glad to let you know how it goes.
  6. MyMississippi

    Calling Italian Cooks : )

    Thank you ! ! I was wondering if I could use them uncooked--- so I will give that a try. I love forums ----- the...
  7. MyMississippi

    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    Thanks for posting this ---- I live in Florida but go back "home" ( the Hattiesburg area ) to visit. Now I know some...
  8. MyMississippi

    What's For Breakfast Today?

    Every morning for breakfast --- it's low carb---- 1/2 of a 2 egg omelet (ingredients added vary from broccolli, spinach...
  9. What's your secret to using Tinkyada lasagna noodles when making your homemade lasagna --- so the noodles will not be...
  10. You might like to try baking pumpkin muffins with lots of spices -- that might hide the bean taste.
  11. MyMississippi

    If You Live In Nyc

    thanks folks ever so much for your help i am sooooooo tired from walking all over will eat somewhere later had to eat...
  12. MyMississippi

    If You Live In Nyc

    I will be in NYC tomorrow and I've googled all the gluten-free places to eat --- But if any of you are familiar with...
  13. MyMississippi


    Good luck--- post your gumbo recipe if it turns out well
  14. MyMississippi

    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Home made chicken pot pie with biscuit topping.
  15. MyMississippi


    Does plain rice flour work well as a roux --- browns nicely, and adds thickness, and doesn't taste yukky??