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  1. Hello all people today I am here to ask for one question i have been gluten free but, i always see that...
  2. I am on a gluten free diet yes yes :)... it sucks but no other options. I am just struggling with the plaets,...
  3. Hello everyone i have been living with hiatal hernia, GERD , bile reflux and celiac disease . And since one month...
  4. Zodako

    not enough sleep

    Hi Thanks for the good Info!!! I will try your suggestions and also I am afraid of my HB level is 14 G/DL...
  5. Zodako

    not enough sleep

    I will try to give it more 6 months of waiting to see if this will change currently I don't have much activity throw...
  6. Zodako

    not enough sleep

    hello there ! this is my second topic in here I hope you all doing well I have a problem these three...
  7. Zodako

    Immune reaction

    Hi again thank you all for the good replies !! I appreciate that I will not cheat anymore ...
  8. Hello i am new here I have been a celiac since three years ? I was misdiagnosed for years and when I figured...