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  1. In my case it took a cardiac doctor telling me I was Celiac. I was experiencing chest pain and they couldn't find out why, when I went to the Cardiac doctor he said to me you didn't tell me you were Celiac. My husband and I looked at each other and laughed out loud. I said I didn't know I was, the doctor responded well 12 years ago you had a positive blood test and biopsy. Neither doctor informed me of this diagnosis. So I went 12 years ingesting gluten and further damaging my small intestine. I too was told I was a hypochondriac and was very disappointed in doctors for most of my life. I really hope you get some help with all these problems, I am feeling much better but am very susceptible to the smallest ingestion of gluten. Diarrhea rules my life. Hang in there...
  2. Gatorade is my best friend when I am glutened. I drink the berry rain. It helps with the pain and bloating really quick. Be careful with tea's. I have found several that have gluten in them, they use it to help the leaves not bunch together. The same goes for coffee. I buy the whole beans and grind them myself. Like someone else said Advil gel caps have gluten in them also. It is amazing how many prescription meds have gluten in them. Lots of research all the time. Hope you feel better soon. I was glutened and not sure what got me but it has been a month and I am still having problems..
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