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  1. Hello. My youngest daughter (8 y/o) was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, thorough labs and biopsies. It was suggested that our who family be tested and so I immediately began that process. My middle daughter (15 y/o) labs came in with a positive IGA of 13 but the transgluten was negative. What could this mean? My middle daughter is being referred to the pros GI specialist that my youngest goes to but her pediatric doctor is running a great deal more labs to look into other autoimmune disorders as well. I am being told, regardless of the negative portion that she does have Celiacs and obviously they'll need to confirm with biopsies, but both the labs and the pediatrician say its celiac...Can anyone clarify this more for me because I can't seem to find the correct search online to find the answers that I am looking for and my anxiety is through the roof right now! TIA
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