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  1. TBH I wouldn't even drink the black coffee at starbucks. They grind their beans in house so every coffee would be contaminated with the flavoured coffee. The only coffee that is 'safe' would be the espresso beans since they have their own individual grinders that only the espresso gets poured into. If you watch you'll see different syrups and sauces spilled on the counter and then the baristas putting milk pitchers into the spills. I only drink plain espresso from them and only if I'm desperate.
  2. I saw a post the other day saying folgers could have cross contamination. What do you guys think? I've recently purchased and used maxwell house and am wondering if that might have cross contamination. I bought it about a week ago, have had it 3 times and am so sick. I was wondering what might have glutened me yesterday when a friend sent me the folgers link. What are your thoughts on coffee? Are there any brands that you've had and wondered if they might have been cross contaminated?
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