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Additional Celiac Disease Concerns

This category covers everything from dealing with celiac disease, schools, hospital stays, quality of life issues, camps, pets and gluten, dealing with relatives, and much more.

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    Photo: CC--locomininos

    People with celiac disease need to maintain constant vigilance against gluten-exposure. Even those celiacs who avoid gluten need to be on guard against nutritional deficiencies, and to check with their doctor when taking certain drugs.

    A few years ago I ceased writing about the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) here on because I feared I might be an impostor.  I was never formally diagnosed as celiac by way of a biopsy, and despite bloating, night rashes, brain fog, unpredictable bowel habits and headaches the main cause was identified as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Still, the old shoe fit, because every time I tried to behave like a non-celiac, I got ill, very ill.

    Photo: CC--Jinx!

    In addition to being a common ingredient in many commercial food products, gluten is also used in numerous medications, supplements, and vitamins, often as an inert ingredient known as an excipient.

    Photo: CC--Charles Haynes

    Are chefs are improving their awareness of gluten-related disorders? That's one of the questions addressed in a new 10-year follow-up study in the UK.

    Photo: CC-- Yahann LeGrand

    Gluten is a common ingredient in many commercial food products. Less commonly known, however, is that many manufacturers use gluten as an inert ingredient in such products as medications, supplements, and vitamins.

    An unrelated fake mugshot. Photo: CC--Stephanie Carter

    A blogger who hawked a book and app claiming gluten-free diet cured her terminal brain cancer now admits she never had cancer in the first place.

    Photo: CC--Steve Jurvetson

    The steep costs of getting products into major grocery chains has claimed another notable start-up, the Charlotte-based gluten-free foods company, Bumbalooza.

    Photo: CC--Jeremy Noble

    This list will help you find gluten-free candy and confections that are kosher for Passover.

    Photo: CC--Bisayan Lady

    Here is's Easter 2015 list of SAFE candy, UNSAFE, NON–gluten–free candies, and with a partial list of major candy makers with links to their company websites.

    Photo: CC--SA 3.0

    Researchers are calling for an overhaul of cleaning and decontamination procedures in the face of a study showing that three out of 20 flexible gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopes (15%) pose an infection risk, because they are contaminated with unacceptable levels of human biological matter.

    Photo: CC--Shane Adams

    Not all Mexican fast food chains are created equal when it comes to gluten-free options. Here is a list of Mexican fast food chains that do a good job with gluten-free food.

    Image: Kellogg's Corporation.

    Gluten-free Kellogg's Eggo Waffles are now available in both original and cinnamon flavors.

    Photo: CC--Grammaticus Bramlington

    Officials at UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center have warned 179 people that a fairly routine endoscopy procedure may have left them exposed to a drug-resistant 'super-bug' that infected seven patients, and may have contributed to two deaths.

    Photo: Mike Mozart

    Original Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios and three other Cheerios varieties are going gluten-free!

    Photo: CC--Cost of Living

    Are short rising times in commercial breads promoting in celiac disease and gluten-intolerance?

    Photo: CC--Steve Corey

    These brands of gin, whiskey and vodka are made with gluten-free ingredients, and safe for people with celiac disease and wheat sensitivity.

    Image: Wikimedia Commons--Blausen

    Food intolerance is non-immunological and is often accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms. What can a review of scientific literature teach us about the causes, diagnosis, mechanisms and clinical evidence regarding food intolerance and gastrointestinal symptoms?

    Photo: CC--Mark Crawley

    On December 9th, 2014, Anna Marie Phillips filed a lawsuit in Santa Clara County Superior Court against P.F. Chang's China Bistro, Inc., headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, for discrimination and violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Photo: CC--Elvert Barnes

    A concerned mum asked me, "Should I dabble with a gluten-free diet?" Well, that got me thinking. The answer is, "Yes! and no!" Experimentation is part of learning and living. We have to start somewhere in our pursuit of learning about gluten. So dabbling is a good start--but you need a plan, or else you will get nowhere and feel confused.

    Photo: CC--Bernt Rostad

    Gluten-free beer drinkers rejoice! The first completely dedicated gluten-free brewery in the UK will open in Scotland in 2015.

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